Parent weekly update on SAISD news-  Our children and parents deserve answers.


Hello SAISD Parents,

This week we saw a shocking video of a seven-year-old student that has an emotional disability being hauled off by two SAISD officers. The question is, what type of behavior requires a school officer or the school to put a child through such a traumatic event? It seems that no one at our district office had an answer. The only thing I was told was all children that have a behavioral or emotional disability have an Individual Educational Plan or IEP. This IEP will document the accommodations needed for a child who suffers from these types of disabilities. It seems that schools lack the teachers and resources to provide adequate care for the children’s accommodations. After talking to parents that have children with these types of disabilities, it seems that their children aren't receiving their accommodations. Instead it appears that their children are punished for having an emotional meltdown. SAISD tells these parents that they don't have the money to provide services that their children need. I can see that these parents are frustrated with SAISD  because all they want is an education for their children. The schools need to stop using punishment as a form of intervention for these children. We teach all our children that if they ever get lost or have an emergency that they should go to a police officer. So if the only contact that they have with officers is when their acting bad, then it's hard for them to trust any law enforcement. All these are issues that no parent should have to deal with because it's SAISD that needs to be held accountable for not providing services.


Which brings me to the other issue if the school can't help then why hasn't our District 2 Trustee Mrs. Perry made herself available to these parents?  We have been asking for our District 2 Trustee Mrs. Perry to do the job she was elected to do. Which is to help our parents, children and schools within her district. I have seen her make time to show up to the schools that are receiving awards, then why can’t she make time to help our parents? As of today we are frustrated and tired of asking Mrs. Perry to come out and meet with our parents that need help. So, parents use this letter below and send it to her v-email at or call the SAISD office at 210-554-2200.

Dear Mrs. Perry, 

When you were campaigning to be elected, we voted for you because we believed that you could help all of our schools within our community. Now, all we're asking is for you to make time to come out and do your job. It was the words from your non-profit "First Exposure Inc.,” a non-profit organization that is designed to promote successful outcomes for youth, with a strong emphasis on parent and community engagement" that made our community believe in you.

So, please tell us why you haven't made time to help parents within every school from the A+ to the F schools within district 2? Lastly, on behalf of our parents Mrs. Perry at the next board meeting, please ask how SAISD has money to build "Choice School's" but can't build a specialized school for these children?

Sincerely Yours, SAISD District 2 Parents



Have a Blessed Week, Lena Lopez

P.S. Parents, we can't give up, so call SAISD every day and ask to speak to Mrs. Perry. Also, ask her why she voted to give our superintendent Mr. Martinez a raise which brings his salary up to $500,000 a year. SAISD’s phone number is  (210) 554-2200.









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