September 24, 2019

Increasing public awareness via The Power of One 


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In the interest of increasing the public's awareness of "What's On The Ballot" and to work towards increasing voter turnout, a new effort is underway, via The Power of One.


This is a collective effort, of civic minded Community Activists and concerned citizens, who have a goal of increasing the voting public's knowledge of election issues and on harnessing the power behind voting, especially when it comes to their being educated and informed on the candidates and the issues.


Our group, The Power of One, has held a couple of strategy meetings, at the Carver Library, to mobilize as follows:


1) Visibility - by better using print and social media, to get the word out.

2) Target Neighborhood Association's for their aid, especially on National Night Out, on 

    October 1, 2019.

3) Dispatch more Deputy Volunteer Registrars, to our District 2 libraries in order to

    register and inform more voters as we approach the November 5th election date.          October 7th is the last date to register for the November 5th election.


We hope to see you on National night out or one of our D2 Libraries where we will work towards Election Day.  


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