Donald Trump, Bigotry, and Mindless Fools

October 1, 2019


With this president, Donald Trump, there has been an increase in racism. However, we should not be discouraged. Evil wins for a time, but soon the hour will strike again. In evil times, those politicians that are little more than paid liars supply the flowery rhetoric of fakery to win their place in a history that they have sown. The bias of skin color is the most irrational and illogical prejudice of all the inequalities. Trump has made himself the crown prince of the skin and hence has but a single recourse, and that is to incite violence with those that are looking to make America completely racist again. It never stopped being racist, and we know that hatred has been defeated many times across the ages. Racists like to imagine that we will surrender—that will never happen. Progress for people is something they hate for they lack it for themselves because of their warped reasoning. They are too blind to see that they will destroy themselves at the altar of bigotry. 


Racists are the product of nightmares of dead generations that invade the minds of those fooled by propaganda that was passed down by fake scientists and those who have declared themselves kings of the skin. Blind as they are, they cannot see the hate they perpetuate, but their conduct will betray them and create disasters and irreparable calamity eventually exposing them to total devastation. The racists of this world will lie in a grave just like everybody else, covered in more than one type of dirt, in which they will never have eternal rest amongst those who were good human beings. Trump will have to pay the toll which will only be a reminder of their evil ways. Historically, Trump will join the ranks of the mindless fools that sought to ruin the world.


Those who fight racism and injustice wake up the aspirations that will outlive and defeat the ignorance of mindless bigots whose minds were warped by their ancestors centuries ago.  The followers of white supremacy scream and howl behind a broken wagon of hatred, wallowing in the filth and sewage racism attached to their political calculations. Nonetheless, they are the very residue of despoiled moral thought. Anyone who finds excuses for their behavior, by silence or omission, cannot be trusted to carry society forward. Bigots, and their quiet friends, are the skeletons of the past that are like rotted trees that serve only to hinder the future of new growth. When will the social forces that sustain this hatred end? It will not happen without a concerted effort to make white supremacy so horrid of a thought that individuals will brand it as an evil that needs to be eradicated. 


Bigotry was branded in the minds of people for hundreds of years to make some feel better about their lack of wisdom. Those who have been tortured, both physically and mentally, unjustly shot and imprisoned, beaten, hanged, burned alive, dragged to death, purposely ran over, and made to build a country that is without gratitude, have had their spirits sorely tested, but they lived, and when awakened fought back hard so that new days could come without the hatred of mindless bigots.  These words come not from those who lack courage, as racists like to pretend, but from insurgents with a fixed purpose, solidly fixed on defeating the disease of racism and those who have moored themselves in the self-delusion of white supremacy. We will not lose, for history is on our side and education is the weapon that can end the ignorance.

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