October 1, 2019

D2 Strong held the first African American Leadership Summit answering community concerns and topics


The African American Accountability Summit held last Thursday evening at the Beasley Brown Community Center, showed that a solid group of leaders is present in our black community of San Antonio.  The summit was moderated by the Mayor of Live Oak, Mayor Mary Dennis and Pastor Michael Steve Brown of True Vision Church.


Hosted by D2 Strong, a community group in District 2 of San Antonio, the summit is the first in history. Hosting our African American Leadership in a forum environment proved this should be a re occurring event.

The summit panel consisted of African American Leadership in San Antonio who are in elected and leadership positions. Members of the panel included; Tuesdae Knight, CEO of SAGE, State Representative Barbara Gervin Hawkins, Chris Steele, President of the San Antonio Firefighters Union, Dr. Gregory Hudspepth, President of the San Antonio branch of the NAACP, County Commissioner Tommy Calvert, Jr., and Waseem Ali, our President and CEO. Questions were posed by the moderators that are in the scope of his/her realm as each elected official and leader of the community has a duty to be held accountable to the people they lead. 












The panel fielded questions from the moderators that included topics such as community engagement, economic development, social justice, housing, and education. Each panelist weighed in on each of these topics with not only their organizations role in dealing with these issues as it relates to District 2 but also offered viable solutions to


remedy the shortcomings the community faces in each area. A hot topic of the summit was the current gentrification of our community. Many community members in attendance felt that gentrification was one of the biggest if not the biggest threat to our community. Noticeably absent was current District 2 City Councilwoman Jada Andrews-Sullivan who declined to take part in the summit. Organizers for the event stated the Andrews camp had a problem with the word accountability thus declined to participate. It should be noted that as a candidate Ms. Sullivan accepted $2500 in campaign donations from developer Mitch Meyer.

You can view the full meeting at below.  Visit our FB page @210observer and let us know your summit feedback in the comments! 



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