Resolutions to SAISD parent issues?

Hello SAISD Parents,


I have some great news, Mrs. Perry, and I spoke over the phone this week. I explained that parents within district 2 are having some issues with their schools and that nothing is getting resolved. So, without hesitation, she said to have these parents email me at once, and she will make time to help any parent.  You may also email her at ( I want to ask parents to allow her to help you address your concerns, and let's see if she can make a difference in your child's life. I would also like to hear back from parents to see if they were able to find a solution with Mrs. Perry’s help.

Now, I would like to answer a parents question about “What is SAISD doing about the schools that received an F from the Texas Education Agency?” I am going to break down this question so that we can cover how a school gets graded. Let's start with the new grade that SAISD received which is based on an overall average from the entire district.  SAISD received their score of a B for 2019. I would like to state that we still have schools that are struggling within SAISD. The A-F grading system by TEA looks at student achievement, school's progress, and closing the gaps. The grading system looks at how students improved on their overall subjects, College, Career, and Military Readiness which also helps determine graduation rates. The next thing that TEA looks at is School Progress which means how well did our district and campus do on their STARR's results. Lastly, TEA looks at Closing the Gaps this is based on data such as race, average income levels within a child's household, and their family educational background. All of this goes into how our schools are graded. To fix the schools that fail the school district or campus must find a way to provide intervention for their students. These schools use different online reading programs such as Lexia Power Up Literacy or Reading 180, or your child is placed in an intervention class. So, to answer your question, the schools must provide intervention classes, after school tutoring and summer school. Then TEA states that if after five years of receiving a D or F that they have the right to take over our schools. This is not the answer because our children are suffering from test anxiety, lack of confidence, and depression all because TEA requires that each school meet certain requirements. As, a parent I understand that this is TEA’s way of making schools accountable for our children’s education but its my opinion that we need to stop putting so much pressure on our students and teachers to meet annual requirements. The accountability needs to be based on a child’s grades, reading proficiency and overall academics. It’s time to stop making our teachers only teach what’s on the STARR’s testing.

Let’s allow our teachers to actually teach and help our children so that they can become successful students. It’s time to stop defining our schools grades based on testing or average incomes within their household or the fact that their parents lack a degree. The bottom line is we can’t let a child’s uncontrollable circumstances determine whether they’re going to be successful or not in life. I hope that this helps my SAISD parents understand the school grading system.

Have a Blessed Week,

Lena Lopez






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