Last week the Alamo Colleges District launched the ALAMO PROMISE, a program intended to address financial barriers to access to higher education. The Alamo Promise offer’s hope to end generations of educational inequities and poverty in the eastside and throughout Bexar County. So what exactly is the Alamo Promise? It is FREE college for high school graduates in San Antonio. A high school graduate can attend any of the Alamo Colleges, and work towards an Associate Degree, transferring to a 4-year University, or acquire a workforce certification.


Students who participate in this program will have the opportunity to have the costs covered. All that is required is that the student attend a summer bridging program, pass their courses by maintaining a 2.0 grade point average, and maintain 18 college hours annually. During this first phase of the Alamo Promise launch, 25 high schools will participate in the program. In District 2, Sam Houston High School, Wagner High School, and Judson High School have been identified as phase one participating campuses.


The Alamo Promise is a major game changer and has the potential to truly help our community increase the level of higher education enrollment in San Antonio and in doing so, break the cycle poverty in zip codes that have identified as the most impoverished in San Antonio. Education is critical to helping families increase their household income. Earning a degree or a workforce certification can open multiple opportunities for a graduate of Alamo Colleges. That is the additional benefit of the Alamo Promise, it promises to create a better future for our district 2 community, a future that will be profoundly changed through education.


As we move forward, it will be important that we remain focused on supporting students as the begin this new journey. There may be thousands of first-generation college students who may need additional guidance and support as they begin selecting courses and identifying degree plans. So as we begin this wonderful program, we will continuously focus on student success initiatives. Getting students enrolled is half of the battle, the other half is ensuring they graduate. 


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