SA Current Bashes Black Entertainer and 'WARNS' concert goers

October 8, 2019

One of the genius' at the SA Current, freelance writer James Courtney, released an article on Friday October 4th on the SA Current's website.  The Current is a weekly free publication geared mostly towards entertainment.  Mr. Courtney and the editor's of the Current found it completely acceptable to RE-BASH a black man, whom has definitely had some trials and troubles.  Yet, this young man grew and is still growing to learn and not let anyone take his talent.  James Courtney, at the Current, tried to do just that.  James' white privilege of not even understanding what he did is the privilege we speak about now.  If someone does not stop and think before producing something of this nature then HOUSTON- we have a problem. 


The story title is: PSA: Known Abuser Chris Brown Playing the AT&T Center with Support from Tory Lanez, Ty Dolla $ign


He then takes a photo of the ticket purchase and gives the concert a 'new' description of whats coming to the AT&T center:  see photo description below that reads


"Do you have a lot of money laying around that you want to part with?  Are you oddly attracted to garbage people that sing barely passably but dance pretty well?  Are you indifferent to the idea of supporting unrepentant abusers?  If you answered yes to all of the above, then, by all means, go see Chris Fucking Brown. 



To take a black man who you have seen rise and fall and rise and fall and yet RISE, and the Current's action to take is this.  Now we know we have a deeply embedded problem at the Current.  They do not understand forgiveness, they do not understand this culture and how to talk about it.  If we were judged every day on something that no one would ever let us live down how do you expect the world to get any better Current?  You have a black stain all over your name Current.  Your mindset lacks in satire significantly and their is now an understanding of how you really view black men.  We suppose Courtney (the writer) is perfect and has no blemishes in his past.  


We are readers of the Current, every publication brings more information.  We must step back now.  This information goes to far into the deeply set ideologies of the UNDER Current at the Current. You may read but- YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED as The Current's writer Courtney would say.




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