October 8, 2019


Giving back is instilled in most of us yet sometimes hard to see today.  This past Saturday, giving back, happened in a huge way at Martin Luther King Jr., Academy.  For 21 years in a row, the Rangel Family has put on their ‘Rangel Annual Shoe Offering’ to kids in need.



We talked with a young girl named Kaila who said, “They are really bright!” Kaila, 7, chose a pair of neon green Puma tennis shoes.  When it was her turn to shop for shoes Kaila was greeted by many volunteers who took her shopping. Volunteers ranged from community residents to elected officials.  Inside the ‘shoe store’ was a ‘no parents allowed’ zone, allowing kids to choose freely or choose a pair of shoes that may be ‘too bright’.  





Rosalia Green said, “It’s a really nice thing for them to do.  We walked in and the shoes are all lined up.  The kids get excited. We are very thankful. We even have lunch.”

Mr. Adam Rangel Sr., began holding this event out of an office 21 years ago.  Children would come by and he would help who he could.  Throughout the years their grew to be more kids and more shoes.  As a sibling of many, Mr. Rangel grew up wearing hand me downs from his brothers and sometimes his shoe didn’t quite fit, sometimes 4 sizes to big.  At each Annual Rangel Shoe Offering the fit is just right.



Many helping hands come together to make this event a success each year, it comes down to Mr. Rangel’s sons and family.  His sons, The Honorable Judge Ron Rangel, Mr. Adam Rangel and Mr. Roland Rangel are ‘all hands on deck’ each year at the Annual Shoe Offering.



The three sons and their father are a special team of men.  We look forward to Judge Ron Rangel MC’ing the annual event as he did again this year. Judge Rangel, the eldest of the three brothers explained how happy he was to be able to do this another year.  It was a family affair to remember.  


Thank you Mr. Adam Rangel and his sons.  The east side of San Antonio,  and the city as a whole,  is grateful for you and your families selflessness and love of community.  

Enjoy your new kicks kids!


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