Hello SAISD Parents,


Last week a meeting was scheduled by Mrs. Perry and our superintendent Mr. Martinez for October 10th, but due to a football game, SAISD has rescheduled this meeting for November 7th. The meeting will be at Sam Houston High School at 6 pm, so I am asking that parents, please attend this meeting. This meeting will give every parent a chance to ask about the type of school Sam Houston will become after the renovations. The idea behind this meeting is to also talk about how SAISD will be held accountable for students at Sam Houston. In my opinion, all schools should be held accountable for our children's education.


The biggest question now is why SAISD has handed off over 18 schools to be run by non-profits? If this is their idea of accountability, then this is wrong because giving a non-profit the right to come and run our schools proves that they just handed off their problems to someone else. I would assume this is their way of standing back and letting the non-profits take the blame when a school fails. This approach is unfair to all children, parents, and teachers in SAISD. When our schools are given away to non-profits, it can cause some teachers to lose their jobs, and it also can cause confusion about who is in charge of our schools. 

We know that SAISD is promoting Choice Schools as the best decision for our children's future, but is it the best choice? What happened to going to a school where every child got a free appropriate public education? We'll let me tell you that those days of them going to a public school system have been turned over to non-profits and big corporate American companies. It's sad to say that SAISD has now put out a red flashing light that says we need cash now, so bring us your best non-profits to take over our schools. So parents, when you attend this upcoming meeting, please ask when will Sam Houston be overseen by Mims Institute, which is a non-profit?  The educational system is one that requires money, but it should never require non-profits or companies to come and take over our schools. I want parents to know that it's okay to ask the hard questions and to also advocate for your child’s education. Always remember we as parents have the right to help our children with all their educational needs. 


Lastly, this past week, I gave you some great news about our Sam Houston High School Band winning their 1st Pre-UIL competition. So, let me give you an update this weekend; they will be competing in the UIL competition. I am asking all of our Eastside Community to send their support, love, and prayers that they will win and move on to the state level. If any parent needs help, please email me at the Eastside Observer.  



Have a Blessed Week,



Lena Lopez  




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