Navigating the Senior High School Year, Are you prepared? 


Hello SAISD Parents,


This week I would like to go over a few things to help out parents that have seniors this year graduating and going off to college. First, you'll need to meet with someone in the Go Centers or the College Board rooms at their local high schools. I would also call your counselors or schools and ask when they will have Senior Night. If you're able to attend, then this will also help you get the right answers about the steps you need to take, such as filling out the FASA, Apply Texas, and information about scholarships. At these meetings, your also able to find out your child’s class ranking, which is essential because in Texas, the top 10 percent of each high school graduating class are automatic admissions. 


I want parents to know that there are many other requirements besides being in the top 10 percent of your class. If you need more information about what it is your child needs, you can go to a website called 60x30 at If you're still lost or not getting the right answers, call the College Café (210-207-4528) or go to their website at I would encourage all parents to make a binder of all your child's educational testing, birth certificate, and social security card, along with any other relevant information. This binder will help keep track of all important paperwork that your child will need once accepted to a college. 


Now let's talk about the SAT'S, ACT'S, and TSI; all three of these tests will help your child get into college. These tests also can determine whether a child is ready for a four-year college or a two-year college. I want to remind all parents that if you have a child with special needs, then there are some accommodations for these tests. Parents documentation is also needed, and there is a timeline which can be found here at,  

all the forms that you will need are on this website as well. 


Now let's look at the other side of your child's senior year, which is if they didn't pass the EOC'S or End Of Course Tests, which are also referred to as the STARR'S. These tests are taken throughout your child’s high school years they start with English 1, Algebra 1, and Biology then U.S. History and English 2, these are the tests that will decide if your child will graduate. So if by chance, your child only passes 3 out of the 5, you can request an ICG or Individual Graduation Committee Meeting, which is based on SB213. Also, know that not all schools will tell parents about this meeting. The SB 213 allows students to graduate, but the district also has requirements for your child to accomplish before the decision is made, which is usually a week before graduation. This is a tedious process because the child has to retake the test they failed every time it's offered to all students. There is so much that has to be done before a child can graduate High School. So no matter the situation, your child needs you throughout the entire process. Parents, all these websites should give you the information that you will need to send your child on the right path after high school.


If you have any questions, please email me at



Have a blessed week, 


Lena Lopez






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