VisionQuest employees: ‘It’s not safe for us … How would it be safe for the kids?’

October 22, 2019

Heavy scrutiny of Second Baptist Church’s lease with VisionQuest, to house 90 boys FOR-profit which supports Trump’s agenda, shows a muddy resume' of the agency they are linking up with (VisionQuest). How this agency is still operating is beyond comprehension, moreover the values and morality of those who choose to work with VisionQuest assume their same resume', children who've died under their care, been abused and facilities shut down.  A place of worship, to hope and dream and overcome, feel peace and fellowship, a second home- your church which is now adding to its business ‘kids’ by operating a migrant shelter wipes away any hope you are supposed to exude. Continuing support of FOR-profit migrant detention centers is vile from the start.  Putting a price tag on a child simply means human beings are products for to profit off of.  Wag the dog's tail any way you'd like, fact are facts and each child housed by this church and agency brings them money to put in their pockets and spend how they'd like.


Commissioner Tommy Calvert Jr., has spoken loud against this migrant shelter along with other elected leaders and vast community members.  The Women's Refugee Commission and the National Immigrant Justice Center mentioned "Children as Bait" (see full article HERE) while the Washington Post reports on the expansion of FOR profit institutions taking over ORR centers, see full report HERE.


The headlines around the nation surrounding VisionQuest (the agency that 2nd Baptist is signing a lease with) include but are not limited to (click on each headline to read the full story):




Nine employees who have been arrested and charged with assault-related charges at 



- Lawsuit against Devereux currently being sued by the family for negligence that led to

  multiple sexual assaults


- Largely Secret Businesses that serve immigration detention


- Pediatrician who treated immigrant children describes pattern of lapses in medical care

  in shelters


- VisionQuest- Not a Safe Space for Youth

- Trump's Cruel Immigration Policies Coming to Easttown


- Accused of harming children at its North Philly shelter, VisionQuest now plans to house

  immigrant youth here


- Arizona-based agency plans to house undocumented immigrant children in Philly

  shelter, city officials vow to fight



- Children names that were in Vision Quest Custody



- VisionQuest employees: ‘It’s not safe for us … How would it be safe for the kids?’


- VisionQuest, For-Profit Firm Tapped to House Migrant Kids in Philadelphia, Has Sordid



- At Vision Quest youth agency in Philly, board chairman demands: ‘Stop speaking



- Philadelphia’s Juveniles for Justice Releases Eye-Opening Publication on Conditions

  in Institutional Placement for Youth


- It’s time to close all youth prisons



The story lines tell the story, that is VisionQuests Resume’.  This is the agency that a church, a church on the East Side of San Antonio ( a community who fights against injustices DAILY) has chosen to link up with.  This is now the assumed resume’ of 2nd Baptist, they've been warned and they see dollar signs not the horrid chart you see where children lost their lives under the 'care' of VisionQuest.  



The 2nd VisionQuest location is moving forward in Universal City so far and it has a huge stain just as 2nd Baptist does, your values and morals are no longer what the community thought you stood for.  The community is in hopes that a stark realization of wrong doing will come over 2nd Baptist before they fall into VisionQuest's manipulative hands and fall victim to adding a victim to the deceased children you see in the chart.  These deaths all happened under VisionQuest's care.


We all urge San Antonio City Council and Universal City to halt VisionQuest from infesting your community with their resume' which includes death.


San Antonio City Council will vote on the zoning change for 2nd Baptist Church on November 5th.  The Mayor and D2 Council have expressed their disdain for this situation.  We hope to see that same expression throughout the vote amongst our City Council. 




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