Student testing, tests required by SAISD and what they are?


Hello SAISD Parents,   


This week some of our High Schools are taking the English 1& 2 simulation in preparation for the retake in early December. The children that didn’t pass these tests will have to retake them until they either pass them or are able to pass the U.S. History, Biology, or the Algebra 1 tests. The bottom line is that a student in the 9th grade could retake the English 1 up to nine times and the English 2 seven times. 


This past 86th Legislation, many nonprofits, parents, and superintendents testified that these tests have caused our children more harm than good. It’s important to stress to parents that English 1 & 2 are not federally mandated, but it seems that our state government has left the decision to give these tests up to our local district. Parents, please make sure that your children get enough sleep, eat a good breakfast so that they can prepare for testing. 




Now Parents, I would like to move on to what’s going in our educational system in SAISD. First, on November 2nd at 8:30 to 1:30, parents have been invited to take a bus tour to see our Choice Schools and get more information on each school. This event will also help parents fill out the enrollment forms for these schools. The tour has a limited amount of seats, so RSVP at 210-554-2662. I am giving you this information so you can see how the schools are using the extra money from SB 1882, Nonprofits or Stakeholders, and Tax Increment Financing all of these resources that are being used to fix a broken school system. It’s my opinion, we have too many different types of curriculum to choose from at from these schools, which can be an overwhelming experience for both parents and students. The fact is that our children don’t need a Choice School to become successful students, they need to be placed in schools that give them a free public education without High Stakes testing, too many AP Classes, or pushing them to get a Certification. 




The biggest issue is that now SAISD has turned over 18 campuses to nonprofits. These nonprofits are the following: Rely lab Schools, Woman Preparatory Network, Texas-based nonprofit Texas Council for International Studies, School Innovation Collaborative, High Scope Educational Research Foundation, and Democracy Prep Public School. So if SAISD has handed 18 schools over to these nonprofits, then parents ask,  "Why is our Superintendent one of the highest paid in Texas?"  This a question that only Mr. Martinez can answer so please ask him at the meeting on November 10th at Sam Houston with our District 2 Trustee Mrs. Perry. Lastly, I  feel that we need an answer because no matter what Choice School he builds, it doesn’t change our community’s needs.


If you have any questions, please email at



Have a Blessed Week, 


Lena Lopez





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