October 29, 2019




Community Crime Maps are public crime maps that allow law enforcement to share selected crime data with the public. There are many systems/applications that are used to collect this data in one place. The City of San Antonio uses a system called LexisNexis ( LexisNexis is a great software used nationally, by city’s both large and small, that includes basic mapping, dashboards and analytics. The application is free to the public and free to the law enforcement agencies.


“I wake up each morning and pull the crime report. For almost 2 months the report came back saying there were 0 (ZERO) crimes on the Eastside, c’mon we all know that’s false.” Explained another neighborhood association member. When SAPD does not input the data, the system will not perform all the benefits of using it to prevent crime. When a councilperson does not ensure their district’s crime information is available, in this instance- Councilwoman Ana Sandoval stepped in. From law enforcement agencies neglect to upload crimes for months at a time to a District 2 Councilperson who is unavailable when made reports were empty and/or unavailable, we received assistance from District 7.


The Community Crime Map compiles data and other information, per the LexisNexis Website AKA ‘RAIDS’, from law enforcement agencies to make it easier for the public to stay informed about crime. The data in the crime map is provided directly from each law enforcement agency, in San Antonio’s case that is the San Antonio Police Department (SAPD). When and if LexisNexis receives the data directly from each law enforcement agency it ensures that the data is kept up to date, accurate and complete.



For our neighborhoods and community, LexisNexis allows us to individually search for information and view nearby criminal activity according to our address. It shows the demographic and socio-economic data and how crime relates to other factors. These daily updates, that LexisNexis provides, enables our Neighborhood Associations and Neighborhood watch reports to help the public stay safe.


While it is the job of law enforcement to reduce crime with the help of the community, LexisNexis allows law enforcement to reduce information requests, improve trust with data accuracy and transparency, control what is shared with the public, while providing a plethora of hotspot maps and dashboard analytics for their use in combating crime. Why wouldn’t our District Councilperson respond to Neighborhoods trying to combat crime? Why is there no urge to update the systems no matter the reason? Where is the oversight of District 2’s safety?


Dellcrest Neighborhood Association President, Dan Martinez, followed up with many elected officials and city leaders trying to gain insight into the crime reports, or the lack thereof. Mr. Martinez reached out to our D2 Councilwoman, Jada Andrews-Sullivan, many times with no luck. He also addressed both District 2 and District 3 Councilwomen Andrews-Sullivan and Viagran, respectively, again his requests went unanswered. Addressing Mayor Ron Nirenberg and City Manager Erik Walsh to this concern, Dan’s request of crime reports again, went unanswered until District 7 stepped in.


The dissemination of information is imperative for progress and safety. We don’t believe it is too much to ask of our Councilwoman, Jada Andrews-Sullivan, to respond to her constituents.


The Councilwoman is said to be outspoken on domestic violence and gun safety, although her actions are visibly void from the issues she ‘so called’ believes she leads.


An elected official takes not their own path but the path with their constituents, if, that is, they are truly for their people.


You may view the email communication for full transparency here within this story.


For your neighborhood crime report CLICK HERE to access the LexisNexis crime map at any time.








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