November 6, 2019

Racism is Often Hidden, but Now Thawed Out



We often learn about many of the Western European empires and philosophers as if no others ever existed.  Western Europeans that supposedly gave the world all of its great literature , while only behind the milky doors of higher education can one hear a slight reference of the African empires; Kush, Benin, Meroe, Ghana, Mali, or the great kingdoms in the Americas, China, Japan and elsewhere. We are told of the great accomplishments of Charles Lindbergh, who made the first non-stop flight across the ocean but who described himself as a racist. He said, “Aviation was a gift from heaven . . . a tool specially shaped for Western hands . . .  one of those priceless possessions which permit the white race to live at all in a pressing sea of yellow, black, and brown” (Readers Digest 1939). Some of us are awe stuck by the chords of classical music, as if no other music was as important and filled with wonderment itself. All of what we have learned was instilled with white supremacy. 





Despite their logic and all of their beautiful words, Western philosophy is narrow-minded and racist, yet touted as the end of advancement in civilization. Racist history was designed to justify and encode in the minds of millions, for centuries,European domination. Researchers in the academic world are so filled with “objectivity” that human voices are muted. We must leave the word “I” out of research papers so as to sanctify an objectivity that denies the importance of feeling in human thought. This sanitizes and hides racism, and makes easy to continue with white supremacist lies about history. Images of philosophers sitting before a fireplace and listening to classical music, or reading Kant or Socrates has been repeated by philosophical mindless robots ad nausea. Mark Twain hated Native Americans, but we are told about his “great literary skill”minus the horrors of his real beliefs. Adventurers like Christopher Columbus, a murderer, and David Crockett, a racist, along with the philosophical baggage of Kant, Voltaire, and a slew of other racist Western philosophers drove their ideas.


One of the greatest events in human history— the Haitian Revolution, which defeated more than 60,000 troops of Napoleon Bonaparte’s conquering army is ignored. Why? The direct answer is that the troops that destroyed Napoleon in Haiti were Black! All of Napoleon’s high logic was crushed by poor slaves who didn’t roast chestnuts while listening to Mozart! The Haitian Revolution forced France to sell off Louisiana and provided inspiration everywhere that white supremacy can be defeated.                

Why is it that black people are still behind and often engaged in crime?  According to Randall Robinson, “No nation can enslave . . .  people for hundreds of years, set them free bedraggled and penniless . . . without assistance, into a hostile environment, against privileged victimizers, and then reasonably expect the gap between the heirs of the two groups to narrow . . . .” The black middle-class has been guilty, slighting those who provided the fire for them to succeed. They often saw the end of segregation as a cure-all for every injustice and simply went home to sleep, never to awaken. Martin Luther King’s answer to the speed at which oppression and segregation would end, “Not Long,” is today shattered. 


Some believed that Trump would lose because they were mentally glued to harms that cannot be solved within the mother system that created these problems. The forces of racism are always ready to jump out of their frozen world, thaw out when summoned, and metastasized. How Long? Very long!

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