It has been a very busy month and as I continue doing my work serving D2, I have met hundreds of community members committed to moving D2 forward. I am filled with hope that the best is yet to come and that the future for the district 2 community remains bright.


As a graduate of Alamo Colleges, I have a great deal of past experiences to draw from. Each experience, good or bad, plays a role in creating my perspective and vision for D2.


As a first-generation student, there were times that I felt lost at San Antonio College. My academic performance was horrible. As I reflect on those first experiences, there wasn’t one thing that changed me, but numerous factors that aligned in a perfect arrangement that contributed to turning my academic performance around.


One of those factors was understanding my cultural identity and learning about my history, identifying with diverse leaders that I never read about in my history books. The experience was transformational.  


A few weeks ago, I read a report from Charlotte, North Carolina where School Leaders voted against a proposed African American History course in their school system. I was immensely disappointed that the Board did not have the foresight to understand how significant affirming such a course/curriculum could be for the community, and for students. The net result of such inaction will more than likely have a long-term negative impact and lead to a greater atmosphere of distrust and division. Ultimately, it is the entire community that will suffer.  


At Alamo Colleges, we have a rich and diverse history. I am very proud that St. Philips College holds a dual designation as a Historically Black College and University and Hispanic Serving Institution. A Mexican American Studies program was recently established at Alamo Colleges, and I believe that time is now to enhance St. Philip’s HBCU designation with the formation of an African American Studies program.


There is a formal process that such an initiative must undergo. It will take time to appropriately evaluate and navigate the necessary protocols and requirements before the program is ready. However, I will remain committed to my community to seeing the process through and working diligently to ensure we establish an African American Studies program at Alamo Colleges.


Such a program will develop leaders, enrich and cultivate a stronger sense of identity and pride, and create pathways for student success. Unity created through diversity and inclusion is a blueprint for richer lives and a stronger community. I believe that an African American Studies Program will help students of color find their way. I know it works because a similar experience pulled me out of the darkness a long time ago. If you have questions, comments, concerns, or want to discuss Alamo Colleges.


Don’t hesitate to call or text me directly at 210.386.0075.


Look forward to hearing from you.






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