Hello SAISD Parents,   

All parents that have a senior know that the next SAT Testing is December 7th, and all must be registered by November 26, 2019. The SAT testing will help determine what college they're able to get into their after graduation. The other important test is the TSI, which can also help determine where your child is academically.


A huge reminder I would like to give all parents is that being able to write a good essay is essential so that your students can apply for scholarships. Which brings me to the MLK scholarship, which is due on February 21, 2020.  It may seem that it's far off, but in reality, it's closer than we think. My advice is to have your students start writing a rough draft or writing down notes so that they can write a better essay for this scholarship. The time will pass quickly, so parents, it essential that all of our seniors start looking for any upcoming scholarships. It doesn't matter the amount; it all will help your child with college.



As parents, we all want is better for our children, so know that even though your child's GPA may only be 2.5 that there are scholarships for everyone. So, as our children are off for the upcoming holidays, help them write essay’s for scholarships so that there prepared for the next educational journey.

Next, parents don't forget to ask your local schools about upcoming field trips to different college campuses. These trips can provide vital information for both our children and parents at no cost. It's these trips that will help you and your child find the right school for their major. Then parents go to the 60x30 website for other resources there; you will also find worksheets that will help you figure out the total cost of different colleges.


We also must remind our children that college can be expensive, so they must start learning to budget their own money. Our children need to know that they will have many things that their scholarships will not cover, such as fees or parking and possibly housing. I want to remind parents that most schools offer a summer bridge program if the student doesn't meet the college requirements. If at any time you feel that your child might need to take a course during the summer, I would suggest sending them to one of our Alamo Colleges. Parents, I know that this is something we went over earlier this school year, but this is just a quick reminder as our seniors will soon be graduating in June 2020. If you have any questions, please email me at the below email.

Have a Blessed Week,

Lena Lopez

Links to Scholarship Information: › MLK › MLKScholarship › MLK › MLKScholarship





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