November 20, 2019

2 Teams, 2 Communities, 1 Knee, Pray for High School Teammates fighting Cancer


2 teams, from 2 completely different communities who were brought together to battle one another for a 'win', came together after a Friday night lights football game on one knee at Judson High School Stadium.  Joining in solidarity, leaving the hits on the field and on one knee with arms around each other, they pulled their prayers together for each of their teammates currently fighting cancer. 


Bryce Wisdom, holding his Bryce Strong Flag, speaks to friends wearing Bryce Strong T-shirts, Photo: Twitter


Judson high school football player, Bryce Wisdom, is fighting his second diagnosis of cancer after ringing the bell from the first diagnosis.  Wisdom and his family found out that cancer had come back into the liver.  The news was devastating to his family and community of #BRYCESTRONG.  The #BRYCESTRONG community has surrounded this family in prayer and support as Bryce's fight is not alone. 





Bryce has had one kidney removed, the hope of playing football, and his childhood high school years.  One thing that has not been removed is Bryce's spirit to prevail no matter the circumstances.  In the light of our world's tumultuous current times, it is times such as these, when the human heart beats louder than any social movement.  Healing comes from more than medicine.  It comes from love, support, and prayers of all walks of life for these young men.  If comes from Bryce's determination that this is only another wall to break down.


Watching young men, young children, such as Bryce, taking on cancer with smiles and warm send offs and huge support, is heart stopping.  We all must be reminded that no matter what's on TV, what is happening in the White House, your busy schedule, or whatever problem you believe you have, remember #BRYCESTRONG.  Bryce is fighting each day to live and be well- with, a smile. Bryce sees football as a family and stated, “I still want to go out every game. But I know I can’t”.

  The Judson hallways filled with student support and love as Bryce  (flanked by his Father, brother, 

  and mother) continues his treatment. Photo: Twitter


Not only did Hays County kneel with Judson last Friday, as you see on our front cover, but hosts of other students, schools and celebrities are praying and supporting #BRYCESTRONG.  When the Judson Rockets headed to VS. Steele the Steele cheerleaders all lined up and help up a sign that said, "#BryceStrong."  The Knights fans also joined their cheerleaders holding signs in the stands for Bryce (a Judson Team member). 


As the Steele Knights ran onto the field they ran through the banner that read,


"No one fights alone. United we Stand." 



Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres tweeted, “I’m marching in my living room for you,” While People Magazine featured Bryce's story as well, you may see the People Magazine story in full HERE.


If we take time to see the raw hearts of the children in this world, we all could definitely soften up our hardened hearts.  The world can be heavy and hard to navigate.  It is children and those fighting, as Bryce and his family are, that brings you back to the humanity we all want to feel again so badly in this world.  


Pray for Bryce, pray for all our children fighting medical illnesses.  The young have hearts that only know how to fight the good fight, may we all join #BRYCESTRONG as he continues his journey to health.


The community and nation is with you Bryce, #BRYCESTRONG.



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