November 20, 2019

What Really Matters


Over the next several weeks most of America will spend an inordinate amount of time focused on the circus in Washington DC.  The country is divided over the greatness of America (Are we great? Will we be great again, and if so, who defines greatness?).  Today when one uses the term greatness in reference to the USA most are describing chaos.  They confuse greatness with toxicity. Toxicity has America in its grasp, many of us are unaware that the foundation has been formed under our very eyes. While most of America is watching the latest soap, “To Impeach or not Impeach?” that toxic foundation solidifies.   The real impact will not appear on mainstream outlets until the effects become lasting and far reaching.




Last Thursday, November 14, 2019, the Republican majority Senate confirmed white nationalist Steve Menashi to the 2nd U.S. Court of Appeals.  Never mind that Menashi has not tried a case, presented an oral argument, or conducted a deposition, he has a lifetime appointment!  Menashi’s toxic agenda was previewed for worldwide consumption during the Muslim ban.  While most of America is watching Impeach-gate, our civil rights were set back 50 years.  Court appointees by the current administration will further increase the divide that separates the Alt-Right agenda and the perspective that those who embrace diversity possess. 


Watch below "Our Toxic World" w/ Doug Heath:


Another appointment of this administration is Andrew Wheeler as head administrator of the EPA.  Since his appointment our precious environment has faced one encroachment after another on its fragile future.  One of the more concerning proposals is to remove methane emission standards on the U.S. oil and gas industry.  The rollback will give more than 860,000 well operators permission to release unlimited methane gas into our atmosphere.  Methane gas emissions when coupled with wastewater deposits will ruin the last great natural resource in our country.  If Wheeler and the Administration who unleashed him have their way, environmental protections that preserve Bristol Bay, Alaska will be eliminated.  The result will be contamination of one of the World’s last freshwater basins and the largest salmon run.  Short term gains “Trump” permanent damnation!

There are countless other examples of policies that weaken civil rights and environmental protections.  Who are the most affected? Everyone who is consumed by Impeachment-gate has turned a blind eye to the underlying carnage that is gutting the soul of our once proud democracy.  It is incumbent upon everyone who considers him or herself an American to look beyond the manure that clouds our vision.   Instead of reacting to the dog whistles that are designed to further distract us, start fact finding for yourself.  Instead of believing the hype that is responsible for the following group think: “women can’t be President,” “the Green New Deal is too costly,” or “what do Blacks have to lose,”  find reputable resources that are non-partisan and research the answers for yourself.  Ignorance is a tool of the Devil, and the current Administration in the White House.  Fact finding will allow all of us to focus on what matters.



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