Farce Meeting along with Farce Ideas

November 20, 2019


A group calling itself Justice at the Gates is having a meeting on Nov. 23 on the East Side that I am not going to participate with. In what can only be described as disrespect, they plastered my photo without my permission on their leaflet and set up a program without my input. Additionally, without my input, or even a courtesy call, they chose their own moderator for this event. I am refusing to attend this program. I am not participating in this event as I was led to believe that it would be a fair and equal process. It went from a debate about the old 1860 Republican Party, and how it differs from the current one to a program they developed.  If they really wanted to do it fairly they would have called me directly and given me the parameters of the event—they did not do so!


In essence, they turned a neutrally moderated event into one of their own choosing, without getting approval from me, and selected one of their own associates to moderate the event. This made the event into one which was orchestrated by them with their own musical groups to boot.  I would debate any of Trump’s friends, or his Republican buddies at any time or place that was fairly organized, but not one designed to pull a fast one. This whole thing started as a result of Otis Thompson proposing that I look at what the Republicans did for black people as opposed to what the Democrats did in the 1860s. What he and others are missing, either out of ignorance or propaganda, is that fact that the Republican Party of the 1860s in no way resembles the racist Republican Party of 2019. The Democrats and Republican Party switched ideological positions after Lincoln was assassinated. The Compromise of 1877, as it was infamously called, was an unwritten Trump-like deal that resulted in pulling out federal troops from the South, and any chance of civil rights for black Americans obtained during the Reconstruction period. Republican Rutherford B. Hayes, a racist, won the White House on the understanding that he would remove the federal troops whose support was essential for the survival of blacks. It was the Republican Party that abandoned black people to the racists in the Democratic Party at the time. 


Thus, one racist party helped the other racist party with this sell-out compromise. One must also keep in mind that there were Republicans and Democrats that were against the deal but lost this fight because Republicans abandoned liberal politics.  After Reconstruction the Republicans became more racist and conservative, and the ideology of the parties would change in the 1920s as a result of the depression—Republicans became the conservatives and the Democrats became the liberals. Saying the Republican Party is the party of Lincoln is a real stretch because in current times it is the opposite of Lincoln’s liberal politics.  Lincoln was a liberal not a conservative. Claiming that the present day Republican Party is the “Party of Lincoln” is a stretch of the truth as his ideas do not fit with the current conservative party of chaos. When they put the gates around Donald Trump then there will be justice. The Republicans are either unaware that the Party of Lincoln is not the same as the Republican Party of today or it is the usual lies that conservatives come up with. We are aware of this and this type of propaganda and it will not work with those of us who know better.

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