SAISD Parent Corner- Opportunities for your child this Thanksgiving Break


Hello SAISD Parents,


I know this must be an exciting time as we approach the Thanksgiving Holiday. I want to remind parents this Friday is the last day before our students and teachers get their break for Thanksgiving. I would also like to tell parents that as this week comes to an end, please ask your children's teachers for any makeup work or extra credit. Parents, I understand that most of us will be with our families and friends celebrating and enjoying our time as we gather at the table, but this is also an opportunity to raise our child's grades. This may not apply to all of our SAISD students, but if it does, it's essential to get our children’s grades up because when they return, the semester will soon come to an end. I might add that this is also a good time for our children to listen to the elders in our family as they tell stories about their past family gatherings. Let's try to find ways to turn off the video games and other devices so that our families are spending quality time together. Let's remind our children that this holiday is not just about eating a meal with our family, but it, too, is a time to be thankful for one another. So, parents maybe it's time to break out the old board games, football or baseball no matter what it is, let's start new traditions.


I will make this week short and sweet as most of us are getting ready for Thanksgiving Day.


Parents below, I have listed the testing calendar for the EOC'S for our high school students that didn’t pass them the first time. As our children return to school after this break, they will wrap up all their classes and take finals. I hope that everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with many blessings.


Parents if you need help or need some guidance, please email me at


With that said I would like to answer a question a parent emailed about this past week.


Dear Lena,


I don’t want any teacher targeting my child but what do you think if a teacher just doesn’t like your kid and it shows. Thank you


Dear Parent,


 I would first like to say that this has become an issue for many of our parents. The idea that a child is being mistreated is one that can hurt a child's abilities to learn. As a parent, you can ask your principal if they would allow you or another adult to observe your child while they're in that teacher's classroom. If they allow you to do this, these are the basic rules.

1. You only get 20 minutes to observe the class.

2. At no time can you speak to your child or any other children in the classroom.

3. The most important thing to do is to take notes so that you can share them with the principal.

4. Request a meeting with both the principal and the teacher. (I would not allow the child to be at this meeting; it could make them feel like they did something wrong).

5. Then if any parent thinks that a teacher is targeting your child, ask if it's possible to transfer your child to another teacher.


Lastly, read the Parent Handbook for SAISD; it goes over your rights as parents, along with the rights that your children have while in school. This information is on pages 27-43. I hope this helps you, and please let me know what happens and thank you for reading my articles.



Have a blessed Thanksgiving,


Lena Lopez




SAISD End of Course Testing Calendar:


STAAR End-of-Course December 10, 2019, English I

STAAR End-of-Course December 11, 2019, Biology and US History

STAAR End-of-Course December 12, 2019, English II

STAAR End-of-Course December 13, 2019, Algebra I







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