November 27, 2019


Villagers as we embark on this holiday season, take the time to reflect on your attitude for gratitude. As a youngster, I recall the old folks say, “Keep on livin’...”. That is my first stop on the Thanksgiving journey. I am thankful I am still here! I am still here. I am thankful that things are well.

Next stop I am thankful for my family. My sons, my grandchildren, my bonus children, bonus grandchildren, and bonus great grandchildren. I am thankful for you; my extended family.  I moved to San Antonio to be with my son and his family.  I also have a dear sister-in-law and brother-in-law here. Less than a year after relocating and opening a business, my son and family moved for a new job.  Leaving the only family in town, a sister-in-law and brother-in-law. Village, this is where you come in...

Having two family members and a business, you became my extended family.  I am grateful for you.  Your Texas hospitality and San Antonio warmth surrounded me in ways you could not imagine and for this I am thankful.  I have gone from growing up as an only child to being a member of a large Texas family.

My prayer is that I can continue to share the love to others you have shown me.  I also pray you will get out of the comfort of your homes this season and spread that Texas hospitality with your neighbors. Stop by and visit the shut in. Offer to sit with children while their parent’s shop or enjoy a night out. Prepare a dish for an ailing loved one. Walk the dog. Wash a car. Give a smile or share a hug.  

This season, meditate on your Thanksgiving journey.  Consider how you can be a part of someone else’s Thanksgiving journey.  Your act of kindness will sponsor gratitude. The gratitude may not come from the receiver.  Do not be disheartened. Be grateful you have the opportunity to bless others.   Your spirit of gratefulness will make it hard to concentrate on the negative.  Focusing on the positive spurs village growth.



With a grateful heart, do at least one random act of kindness.
Do not post or share the act of kindness. Just do it!
Share what you are thankful for with at least one person.  Ask them to share the same with you.






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