STARR’S and Finals are here along with the push for Choice Schools...


Hello SAISD Parents,


I hope that everyone had a great time with their family and friends as they gathered around the table to give thanks. The unfortunate news is that as our SAISD children are returning to school they’re faced with retesting for STARR'S and finals as well. All this will be happening in the next couple of weeks as the first semester of school will be ending on December 21st. Then our children will be out for the Christmas vacation. So, parents, you might notice that your child might be a little fatigued or overwhelmed with trying to keep up with all their classes. Parents, you should know that all of our SAISD high school student's finals count for 15% of their total grade. This is why it's so vital that we help our children get a good night's sleep, eat a good breakfast, and find a quiet place to study.




I want to share with you some of the studying tools that I have found helpful for all children. First, have them record their study notes into their phones or other devices so that they can listen to them as they study. Second, if you have children in elementary, make sure that they have completed all their classwork. In today's society, education is constantly changing, which may cause any parent to feel lost when trying to help their children with homework. Parents, I understand that most of you work, but if you're able to attend tutoring with your child, this can help you get a better understanding of what they're learning. Parents never be afraid to ask your child’s teachers about how you can help them at home. We must remember that our children need to know that it's a team effort when it comes to their education.





Which brings me to this question of what is our school district doing to help our children in school? At this point, all I can see is that SAISD has allowed non-profits to take over our schools, which can create some conflict within the school system.  The idea that many of us don't know what's going on within our schools is scary. Then when we look at all these Choice Schools that SAISD believes will change some of the most impoverished communities in SAISD is one that I still struggle to understand. The fact is that San Antonio still has a high poverty rate, and we still have families struggling to put food on the table. So, let me ask you this question how can we afford to send our children to a Top University when we can't provide what our families need every day?


When children go off to these Universities, we still have to ensure that they have housing, food, and books along with money for their daily needs. I want parents to understand that it's great when our children get into college but know that most scholarships don't cover the extra fees, or housing so then what happens to our children? The answer is simple most will take out student loans and will end up in debt, but the saddest thing is when they return home, their community is still living in poverty. Please don't misunderstand me. I would love all our SAISD students to have the opportunity to attend a University, but will SAISD be there when our children need something and their miles away? Parents, as we look around us and see that after all the money SAISD has spent on Choice Schools, we must ask has our household income increased or has your community been able to rise above the poverty level?  If your answer is no, then we know the plan is not working, but the solution is simple. We need to let SAISD know that to ensure that our students get a college degree that we, too, need more opportunities to help our children. After all, it takes a village to raise a child, so therefore it takes a village to educate a child, and it starts with us at home.


If anyone has any questions or comments, please email me at



Have a Blessed Week,



Lena Lopez











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