December 11, 2019

The Miseducation of the People



There is hopelessness, despair, fear, emptiness, and unknown alienation that grip the souls of those born in poverty and a racist society, but that which was horror can became the point of eventual salvation and conscious behavior. Many are brought into existence in a social configuration that was designed to overwhelm human worth. When I count the number of times, at least known to me, that my specific timeline could have been very different, that might have resulted in the conclusion of existence, or as a living wounded man of injustice, there are scores of events in the vortex of time.


Many in our community could have suffered not being unable to resist or oppose the heartbreak of being a deserted child of alcoholic or drugged-out parents, or to the pains of being of “mixed” heritage (not mixed race, as there is no such thing as race) in a white supremacist society, or to the boulevard of violence, crime, drugs, and poverty, or to being a unaware human being in an illegal and immoral war in Vietnam, or to being killed by outlaw police officers, or to J. Edgar Hoover’s crusade against radicals, or whatever else established by a societal arrangement designed to destroy those that would not accept the paradigm of injustice and the chains of misery.


We are all detainees, to one measure or another, even the most educated or enlightened, of the forces of others, of the preference of whatever manufactured system we inhabit, and of the will patterns or traditions that are woven into a fabric of deception, a surrounding substance which impairs the mind and asphyxiates human thought and the essence of life. It is also a point that as one becomes aware of the details of the surrounding forces that liberation can occur. When one is robbed of human dignity forces that manipulate, either on an individual level or a social level, can oppress and hide their manipulation behind gloats of personal or political grandeur. All of what a racist society has done to people is manifested in the actions of the victims of this world.


We have been royally miseducated by friend and foe alike. We have had to endure the teachings of public schools and universities that sought to educate in a poor, improper, or harmful manner. Even those that seek the truth have been ruined by false education. Enlightenment thinkers, the so-called great philosophers and writers, known for their contributions to philosophy and literature, but their words spliced out by those trying to hide true intentions. Many of the great philosophers and scientists were also the ones that created racism and justifications for slavery. A more progressive scientist one said, “There is no just way in which the past can be quarantined from the present. Past and present inform each other.” However, we must know what that past was in all of its detail. We must know who created racial categories. How did the Irish become “white,” and how did men learn to brutalize women? These are the components that must be discussed if one is ever to free themselves from the racism of Mozart, Bach, Kant, Mark Twain, and others that we have ignorantly lionized.


Randall Robinson once said, “No nation can enslave a race of people for hundreds of years, set them free bedraggled and penniless, pit them, without assistance into a hostile environment, against privileged victimizers, and then reasonably expect the gap between the heirs of those groups to narrow. Lines, begun parallel and left alone, can never touch.” Be careful who you identify as a friend for their beliefs may sound legitimate until the cover is peeled off. 



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