SAISD Superintendent- Pedro Martinez Places Blame on Teachers Union


Superintendent, Mr. Pedro Martinez, was on the front page last Sunday. I will say that the writer did a great job of explaining what our Superintendent does and how he now admits that his 5-year plan ‘didn't work’. Then he explains why he created these Choice Schools, which was done to compete with the new charter schools. The idea was to bring back our SAISD students, but instead, it created a big mess with some schools closing and us losing teachers. It is clear that he's trying to figure out how to change our SAISD schools but spreading the blame around isn't going to work. I was agitated that Martinez partly blamed the teacher’s union saying, “it doesn't set high enough expectations for student improvement" furthermore, our "Teacher Quality needs to be consistent in every classroom." Let me say that our teachers work hard every day; the blame for his failing schools falls on lack of leadership, state testing, and the fact that our state's curriculum continuously changing.





Martinez came from Washoe County School District- he left strong opinions behind.  See internal audit report detailing the waste, fraud and abuse regarding capital improvements in Washoe County here:  After this report was published in Washoe County, the School Board ignored the data and continued to ask for even further funding, where did the money go- that was every Washoe County Citizen's question.  Martinez moved on to SAISD in 2015 shortly after Washoe County which began in 2012. 




When anyone takes on the top role of overseeing an entire school district, then they need to know that their leadership skills need to consist of trust, which makes everyone in SAISD feel safe.  Last May the SAISD Board voted to extend Martinez’ contract until 2024.  Then, in July, the SAISD Board voted for his 5% salary increase.  Martinez’ contract looks solid.  Teacher’s contracts are falling by the wayside.  The fact is that by closing schools all at once, laying off our teachers, and not giving our teachers the security of having a contract with our district has caused more chaos than solutions. The article also states that 'he's worried' about our older children that aren't performing well at state testing or college testing’. The fact is that that is true, but I believe this is his fault because the first 5-year plan was solely concentrated on elementary students. When Mr. Martinez came to introduce this plan, we all asked, "how does this help our children today that are in 6th -12th grade? The crowd was quiet as we awaited his answer, but he had nothing to say at all. So, Mr. Martinez, now that you're asking for another five years to fix the mess you have made, let me ask you how you will help our older children that still can't pass the EOC'S needed to graduate?




What is the next step?  Because for some of us, our students are running out of time. The clock is ticking, and we need a solution today, not over the next five years. The idea that you want to give more money to support the social workers that work for SAISD is one that will not fix the issues you created at our schools. Let me say that no social worker can fix these problems; we need more resources in our district to create reading programs that aren't taught by a computer. The fact is that in San Antonio, we have no reading programs that help students after the 8th grade, so why not be the first to create one. If you want more students to come back to our SAISD schools, then you need to change the community that surrounds that school. Let's create a safe space that allows our older students an opportunity to learn to become better readers and build their confidence. If we're able to do this, it will help our students from having to take remedial classes. The next step is to help our teachers; stop allowing non-profits from other states to take over our SAISD schools. Lastly, stop using our students for your educational experiments and start treating them like people that are never at risk but are always at potential.




Parents, know that we need to ask if we're willing to give Mr. Martinez another five years, but we must also consider that he's now one of the highest-paid superintendents in Texas. So, what will the next five years cost us both financially and educationally? 


Were non of these failures taken into account by the SAISD Board when renewing his contract while increasing his insanely high salary?  Rewards are just that- given for success.  We are far from success in SAISD, and continue to work towards it, but to let teachers contracts go while raising Martinez' salary doesn't make first grade cents.  What is he being rewarded for?  




I pray that everyone understands that this is a time of crisis within our SAISD schools, so we must take action today. I hope that all of my SAISD parents and students have a wonderful and blessed holiday. I would also like to thank Alia Malik for writing this Sunday's article in the San Antonio Express-News on our SAISD Superintendent. If you have any questions or comments, please email me at  Below I have found a quote that explains all that we want for our children and our communities.


"What the best and wisest parent wants for his own child, that must be what the community wants for all its children" by John Dewey.


Have a Blessed Week and Happy Holidays.


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