Devastating Loss- SAISD Officer, Detective Cliff Martinez Loses Life at Second Job, "He Saved Many SAISD Kids"


Hello SAISD Parents,


Last week I asked if any parent was willing to give SAISD superintendent, Mr. Martinez, another five years to help the older children that have fallen behind in our SAISD schools. I feel that he’s had enough time to fix our schools, in fact maybe he should have invested more time and effort into our teachers. When Mr. Martinez took over SAISD he was fully aware that our schools were suffering academically. So, we must ask ourselves if we were walking down the street and we saw a child in the middle of the road wouldn’t we as parents and good samaritans stop to help that child? In many ways this is the same question we must ask Mr. Martinez because as of today we still have many SAISD students still laying in the middle of the street because he failed to save them. I’ll leave you with this analogy because some students are still unable to pass the STARR’S, TSI, SAT, ACT and AP tests all which somehow become the measurement of our children’s academic success. We all know that there is not one test that can determine our child’s academic success. As parents, we’re held accountable for our children’s welfare which means that we feed their minds with knowledge and we shelter them with confidence all in an effort to face another day of this broken educational system we call a “School”. 


Parent’s remember that our children, teachers and schools face an endless battle as they’re given a list of  different skills that our students are required to know. So, let’s make a list of what we as SAISD parents feel that Mr. Martinez needs to do so that we can hold him accountable for every SAISD student, because it’s our children that are suffering.


Lastly Parents, we lost an SAISD officer this week as he was working a side job at an IHOP. This officer was Detective Cliff Martinez who served in our community for the past 28 years. This officer helped many of our SAISD students turn their lives around. So, as we gather during the holidays let us keep his family in our prayers. Parents, I know it’s hard to see past this dark fog of all of the chaos that surrounds our community but if we unite as one then we can conquer it all.


I wish all of Parents and Faithful readers a Merry Christmas. I would also like to say to Officer Martinez's family that our community will forever be grateful for his dedication and service; he truly changed many student’s lives at SAISD.  


If anyone needs to contact me then please email me at


Merry Christmas,


Lena Lopez


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