2020 Resources And More For Your Children

Hello SAISD Parents, 



In the past few months, we have gone over a variety of topics from Choice Schools, special education, funding for our schools, HB3, and Superintendent, Mr. Pedro Martinez. I hope that all of you parents were able to use this information to help your child. As our children return to school on January 6, 2020, please know that our SAISD teachers will be putting in the last of the first semester grades. Then they will begin the second semester, which will mean new academic assignments along with retesting for the STARR’S. Parents, please know that some of your children might become overwhelmed with the further tasks and the studying for the STARR’S especially seniors who need to pass at least three End of Course Exams so that they can graduate this year.




To wrap up this year, I would like to provide all of you with some tools to help all SAISD children. The first one is Overdrive, which gives all students and adults access to the library for free (APP can be found on your phone). The second is Natural Reader, another APP that can be downloaded to your phone for free it reads a book, PDF’s and other things. There is a couple of different versions of this one, but the free app works excellent. The third one will help parents learn different ways to help their child with learning disabilities, and it’s called Understood.org, and it’s free. Then some teachers use this YouTube show to explain many subjects, and children seem to learn from this one as well as Crash Course YouTube. The fourth one is the Khan Academy (https://www.khanacademy.org). 




Parents, please remember students have a Google Email with SAISD; some teachers use this to send reminders that an assignment is due or that they have posted the work in the student's Google Classroom. I want to encourage all parents to take the time to go over your children’s email and Google Classroom. This helps your children understand that as parents were always willing to help them. Then remember that you can check out your child’s book for their class, but your responsible for this book. 


Lastly, Parents, if you are still lost as I have been before on how to help with an assignment then contact the teacher and set up a conference.




I hope that all of my SAISD parents and students bring in this New Year with many new blessings. Also, if you’re traveling, please be safe as you return home. I, too, would like to say that 2020 will be filled with many changes to our educational system, but no worries because I will be here to help. If you have any questions or comments please email at lena.lopez@saobserver.com.


Have a Blessed Week, 


Lena Lopez






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