Hello SAISD Parents,

First, I would also like to say, "Happy New Year" and welcome to the 2020 school year. There is so much that we will be going over this year as new educational laws are coming into place. As most know, last year, we were excited that HB3 passed because it gave our teachers a much-needed pay raise. Yet as the new year starts, it seems that the Texas Educational Agency is adding more responsibilities to our teachers. So the increase was an excellent idea, yet it comes with expectations that are above and beyond. Then the state has given the head of Texas Education Agency, Mike Morath, the power to rule over all districts in Texas, so in some sense, he's now the "Dictator" and all of us to include parents, teachers, principals all whom are at his mercy. As this year moves forward we will also go over Senate Bill 1882 and the effects it's having on our schools. We will even venture into why our schools have become "Choice Schools". 


Mike Morath, Texas Education Agency; Photo: Twitter 


It seems that as parents, we must direct our children towards finding a school that will offer them a degree or career all by the time they graduate. Lastly, I would like to go over what is happening to our schools as these non-profits are taking over and why we see music and sports programs not being funded more. I want to ask all my parents to ask your children, "what makes you want to go to school every day?" I would then like to ask my parents to answer this question- Do you think that as children walk off the stage at 18 that they are ready to receive an A.A. in any subject or become a nurse?


I truly believe that children need an education but not one that determines their identity for the rest of their lives all by 18 years old.  These are just some of the things that we are covering this year and parents, please let me know if you have any other concerns.


I look forward to your feedback on the proposed questions, it is essential for all of us to share our point of view.  Please email me at

Have a Blessed Week,


Lena Lopez

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