January 15, 2020

Patrice Lumumba-Freedom Fighter



During the reign of King Leopold II of Belgium (1885-1908) over 10 million black Africans from the Congo were murdered on the rubber plantations that the king owned. During his reign of the Congo he became one of the greatest mass murderers of all time and created a holocaust that is still ignored by many in Belgium and elsewhere. Villages were forced to harvest the rubber by quota and if they did not meet the amount demanded they were shot to death. Hands were also cut off and later images of these hands were sold as chocolate candies in Belgium stores and bakeries. King Leopold and Belgium became wealthy as the need for rubber for automobiles rose. King Leopold engaged in barbarism in the slave system of Europe that became known as colonialism.


Under this system severed hands were put in baskets by the dozens so that Belgium police forces could account for the number of villagers who refused to meet their quota. Women were raped, as well as men, by Belgium soldiers in what can only be described as psychotic brutality on a mass scale. According to the book “King Leopold’s Ghost,” Leopold helped to create “child colonies” in which Congolese children would be kidnapped and sent to schools controlled by Catholic Missionaries. More than half of these children died of disease. As a result of this hell on earth the Congolese people eventually rose up in the 1960s and gained their independence from the evil Belgium regime.


In 1960, a dynamic leader was elected Prime Minster of the Congo, Patrice Lumunba, but he would be murdered with the help of the CIA, and the Belgium and English governments. Black African men, who were being paid in secret, plotted to kill Lumumba. They kidnapped and tortured him, forcing Lumumba to eat one of his speeches. Lumumba would be taken into the territory where a rival tribe operated (Katanga officials wanted him killed) and shot. Lumumba would be buried there only for his body to be dug up the next day, cut into pieces and placed into a sulfuric acid tank. The remaining bones were crushed and scattered. One of the white Belgium mercenaries responsible for this crime kept his teeth and fingers as a trophy. Years later (1990s), the daughter of one of these killers was known to still have these body parts in her home. Additionally, do you think Dwight Eisenhower was such a great president? President Dwight Eisenhower ordered that Lumumba be poisoned with poison toothpaste. US government documents confirm that President Eisenhower authorized the murder of Lumumba but other racists beat him to it.


Lumumba was a fighter for African freedom against settler colonialism and the imperialist schemes of Europe. He talked about ending tribal hatred amongst his people in the Congo and across Africa. Traitors of the Congo, the leaders of Katangaprovince, broke away from the Congo to destabilize the Lumumba government. Lumumba was an inspiration to all of Africa to remove racist European powers from the African continent. He would also be an inspiration to blacks and others in this country in their fight against American racist structures. We learned about a new form of colonialism that was being employed, called neo-colonialism, in which black Africans would be paid to sabotage African freedom. Clearly, one could argue that this method of domination was used by traitors in the U.S. Civil Rights movement. Unfortunately, the Congo is still a victim of what Leopold did long ago to foster African tribal conflicts. Millions of Congolese are being killed even now as a result of tribal hatreds.



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