The time to explain why we’re “The Pride of the Eastside”


Hello SAISD Parents,



This week I wanted to ask you to email me stories about any African-Americans in our Community that have made a difference by getting an education. I think that our children within all of our Eastside communities need to hear how hard it was to get an education. If we share our struggles of how we were able to overcome it all then it might help them appreciate their schools, teachers, and administrators a bit more. I too feel that our students need to hear how throughout the years our Eastside Schools have had many programs that were successful and triumphant for many years.





Parents, it’s time to help our children understand that getting public education is a great opportunity that can lead them to a better future. It’s time to rise up and wipe off the stigma that the Eastside is filled with only horror stories. It’s time to explain why we’re “The Pride of the Eastside” so that we ensure that our children follow the same path so that they’re able to continue our legacy.


 Please email your story to me at lena.lopez@saobserver.com.


Have a Blessed Week,


Lena Lopez


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