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This past week I asked everyone to send me their stories about anyone that made significant changes within our Eastside Community. Well, I have received many stories, some that genuinely touched my heart and, at the same time, explains why we’re are the pride of the Eastside. It seems that due to the overwhelming response, it will take me a few weeks to put this entire story together. I would also like to apologize not all the stories have to be about African-Americans please send me stories from all ethnicities. Because all that matters is we show that everything on the Eastside is not all bad, nor are they filled with horror stories.


Now, let's go over this week's topic about how our children are on a rapid path to find their career at such a young age. Let me explain these "Choice Schools" push our child into a career path before their adolescent brain is fully developed. It's hard to say what our children want to be in life before they’re in ninth grade. In my opinion, they were not only teaching the test but were pressuring our parents to choose a career path for their child before they’re in middle school. All of this has created so much pressure for our students that some districts have done away with the top ten percent. Then this week, I was watching the news, and it was going over how Utah has now made recess an instructional time for children. It's a sad day when in our nation, we have to teach children how to enjoy themselves and have fun during recess. Then I heard this excellent speech from a young man in which he explained what it means to become a Valedictorian; he said it took a lot of long hours of studying and giving up many fun things. Then he began to say that this 16 seconds and five-minute speech had cost him so much more than time studying. The biggest thing it had cost him was the fact he lost connection with many of his relationships, such as God, Family, and Friends. In the end, it too made him realize that along the way; he had also forgotten to thank all the teachers that helped him get through school. So, at the end of his five minutes and 16 seconds of glory, he lost more than he gained. Parents, we all want the best for our children, but we too must make sure that they also enjoy what they're learning, and they don't miss out on time with their friends, family, and church.


Parents, we need to fight for more public education funding because if we allow all these non-profits to take over, then what will happen next. Then let's ask ourselves, are these schools helping our children or then creating a new workforce for all their companies that invest in our Charter or Choice Schools.



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