February 12, 2020

During Black History Month, we are featuring 6 answers each week from our community on, why we celebrate Black History Month.  Last week we hear from, Neka Cleaver, CEO/Owner of Tha1 Radio & Media Hub. Renee Watson, Director of SMWBE, Bexar County, former Councilman Mario Salas, Waseem Ali, CEO/Owner Publishing Company, Burrell Parmer, President of the Claude W. Black Center Advisory Board, and Lisa Jackson, Public Relations Manager.  If you missed see their answers HERE.


This week we are featuring our online audience and what celebrating Black History Month means to them.  Below, hear from Wanda Goodloe Johnson, Tracey Todd, Shirley Ellis, Gordon M. Benjamin Q., Catherine Lee and Dr. Latronda Darnell Harris.  Thank you to all of our social media audience and online comments.  We look forward to featuring more of your answers next week!



"We celebrate because we as a people endured, survived, and even thrived in a country where they were not treated fairly. They wanted our slave labor but SOLD OUR FAMILY MEMBERS. This alone was the the most horrible thing. We have a story to tell and e everyone should listen and appreciate it." - Wanda Goodloe



"The self-awareness of where we come from to appreciate the life that you have in the 2020 new millennium the stories of the slave trade that ripped us and torn us apart. That was our history to bring pride and joy back into our community and to love everyone." - Tracey Todd




"Because if we don't, no one will." - Shirley Ellis









"To celebrate our being great contributors to the History of the World!" 👊😎








"The cherry-picked history we are fed in

schools needs to be corrected with information about inventors, originators, people who value each other and ourselves. Battles and conquerors need to be forgotten, not forefronted."

- Catherine Lee





"Self love and pride in our community." - Dr. Latronda Darnell Harris












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