Hello SAISD Parents,


This week I have some new information for all of my SAISD parents that have Special Ed students in high school. I would first like to say that as parents, we should be told the truth about what it takes to get our kids across the stage and get into college. As you know, parents, our students need to pass all five End Of Course exams, which are Algebra 1, Biology, English 1 and 2, and lastly U.S. History. Then, if by chance students fail these exams, they will have to retake these their senior year. Now, this past legislation, we were able to replace SB149 with SB213; both of these bills allow our children the opportunity to graduate if they can pass three tests out of the five tests. This may seem like a simple solution, but this is a nightmare for both the parents and students.




Let me inform you about what our Special Ed students have to do to graduate with an endorsement. First, parents, if your school is pushing you away and having ARD's that give any special ed student a pass of these EOC'S, then you should know that this will allow the student to graduate but without their endorsement. The truth is that the law does give parents the right to have an ARD to find a way around these tests, which is your right, but know that your student will graduate with a foundation endorsement, which is the basic 22 credits needed to get out of high school. Parents, if you feel that this is something you need to do, then that's fine, but know that this could limit your child from attending a 4-year college. I am giving you this information early because, as March approaches, these are conversations that we need to have with both our child and school. Furthermore, if your child can pass three of five, then they can take the TSI, ACT, or SAT to replace the tests they failed.




I want my SAISD parents to know their civil rights when it comes to helping your Special Ed children. We must, as parents, be the voice for all of our children. I know that dealing with some of these schools and staff can be difficult but that is why I am here, to help. If you need any help with these concerns or other issues that you're dealing with at your schools, contact me please at




Have a Blessed Week,




Lena Lopez






Hello SAISD Parents,














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