February 19, 2020

Alonso Jones found unresponsive at school, NEISD deny's all bullying claims


Almost 2 years ago on April 18, 2018 the Observer ran the article on 'I Hate Negros'. This was a racist video that was made by students at District 2 North East Independent School District's High School- Theodore Roosevelt located on Walzem Road.  You may see the original article and video at HERE.  The video was made by students of Roosevelt HS spewing on video "I hate Niggers", "I hate Black people", there were about 16 students involved which some received the 'worst' punishment from the school by spending 3 days in In-School Suspension.  The punishment did not fit the crime and the Spokesperson for Northeast Independent School District, Aubrey Chancellor, 'explained' that this video was a social experiment (scary).   Initially when we reached out to NEISD Spokesperson in 2018, Aubrey Chancellor said “Why are you making this bigger than it is.''  Later, denying these claims she sent a help team to social media to get her out of explaining why she did not feel this video was a big deal.


On February 17, KSAT reported the tragic incident of the loss of a high school student at Reagan High School.  Students want NEISD to acknowledge bullying at Reagan High School following a student's death. Alonso Jones, a 16 year old African American high school student, was found unconscious in Reagan High School's weight room on February 10, 2020.  KSAT reported that one of Jones' friends saw him bullied all of the time and even went with him to report the bullying that had been going on for a while.  Principal Brenda Shelton is known to the students of Reagan to have ignored Jones' cries for help.  He wanted a safe place- a school.  His principal, Mrs. Shelton, had no knowledge or paperwork of bullying on Jones, she claims. And since the district's spokesperson, Aubrey Chancellor's statement to KSAT was, "We have absolutely no indication that Alonso was having issues with any other students.  When a report is filed regarding bullying, we investigate everyone. In this case though, there haven't been any."  This is surely perplexing as many students say to had witnessed and even accompanied Jones to make file reports of bullying.


- The NEISD superintendent Sean Maika called the claims "misinformation"


- NEISD believes the 'I hate niggers' video was a social experiment


- NEISD students are demanding to be heard on racial bullying after the death of Alonso Jones but were rebutted by Superintendent Maika's claim that this is all 'misinformation'


The SA Observer believes NEISD is the one mis-informed.  Racial discrimination and bullying deserves a zero tolerance policy that doesn't lead to the loss of students.  This is a pattern and a culture within NEISD.  Excuse after excuse has been given for 2 major incidents.  The community must take action for the students who are begging to be heard by their own administration yet their calls fall on deaf ears.  Our leaders must take a stance and speak up.
NEISD is raging in racism.  Students recorded their racism in the video called a 'social experiment'.  Alonso Jones is no longer with us after many students reporting the bullying he went through at his school.  Even after a death- NEISD has an EXCUSE.


Other students say they witnessed Jones being called racial slurs and being made fun of for his wardrobe to where he felt he must take his own life as KSAT and The Current reported on this as a suicide.


We are fervently praying for the Jones family at this time.


Jones' memorial service was held Monday February 17, 2020 and he was laid to rest at Ft. Sam Houston.


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