Who Killed Malcolm X?

February 19, 2020



For over half a century this question has bothered me. We now have some answers.  In well researched documentary on Netflix during Black History Month the finger is pointed to New Jersey Mosque #25 members and the FBI. Activist Abdur-Rahman Muhammad spent years trying to find the killers and finally did the work that the Nation of Islam refused to talk about, and New York Police and the FBI failed to do.  The investigation into the killing of Malcolm X seems to have been botched on purpose as the FBI, under J. Edgar Hoover, also wanted Malcolm X killed. Malcolm X was gunned down in front of his family on February 21, 1965. His house was firebombed and Nation of Islam leader Farrakhan was quoted as saying that Malcolm was “Worthy of death.”  This harsh criticism was planted in the Nation of Islam by spies in the organization and many fell for it. The murder is now 55 years, but presently the Manhattan district attorney’s office is reviewing whether to open up the case.


Talmadge X Hayer (Thomas Hagan), who changed his name multiple times admitted to killing Malcolm but said that the other two men were falsely accused. Mr. Hayer was a member of Mosque 25 in New Jersey. In records discovered the names of the other killers from the Nation of Islam have been revealed. Malcolm was considered a traitor by the organization and hence there was extreme hatred for him. According to the evidence, the two innocent men are Norman 3X Butler and Thomas 15X Johnson. It appears that William X Bradley was one of the real killers. The others that killed Malcolm X were also Muslims attached to the New Jersey Mosque. The role of the FBI was also exposed in the documentary. The FBI helped to spread the hatred to members of the Nation of Islam using dozens of paid snitches inside the FOI (Fruit of Islam).



Black community leaders in New Jersey have said that it was common street knowledge that William X Bradley fired the fatal shot. There are volumes of records that show the FBI was paying special attention to Malcolm and knew William X Bradley was going to kill Malcolm and had no intention of stopping it or they worked with Bradley and others to kill Malcolm. The best answer lies with the hatred that dozens of FBI spies generated inside the Nation of Islam. All the FBI had to do was to take advantage of that hatred in Mosque #25 and then just let the killing happen. It was a classic murder scheme. Word trickled down to NYPD on the day Malcolm was killed as there was an absence of police presence, which would indicate that they were trying to give the killers a chance to escape before the police arrived.


Some members of the Nation wanted Malcolm X dead, especially those in Mosque #25. It is equally important to understand that the FBI wanted someone to kill Malcolm. William X may have been paid to carry out the attack and recruit others. It is also likely that FBI spies in the Nation of Islam generated much of the hatred which allowed William X and others to carry out the deed without realizing that they hatred was being planted in their minds by extremist and the FBI. From the records it appears that the FBI hid information about Bradley from the police to let him go free. He walked around not even hiding for years perhaps knowing his identity was protected by the FBI. The lawyers that exonerated the Central Park 5 are investigating who really killed Malcolm X.





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