February 26, 2020


FBI Program Used in Killing Malcolm was used in San Antonio to Harass

With information being revealed about illegal activity of the FBI in the murder of Malcolm X we must also recognize that the FBI carried out illegal activity across the nation that is a program they dubbed COINTELPRO. They did this in San Antonio by using local snitches and spies that they paid or threatened. 



One such case involved the effort to sabotage a Student National Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) Breakfast Program by using a now deceased black newspaper man and photographer to have the pastor of Antioch Baptist remove the program form the church. The black newspaper man then tried to take credit for starting the program. Another attempt involved an African liberation group that initiated a project to educate the public about the African Liberation struggle.  The site chosen for the film showing was the Healy Murphy Learning Center, the former St. Peter Claver School for Blacks.



When the film was scheduled to be aired, the local FBI showed up at Healy Murphy Learning Center and threatened Sister Mary Boniface.  She was told that a “film supporting terrorism” would be shown. This was a total lie, for it was a film supporting the liberation struggles against white supremacy. These lies resulted in canceling use of the building. Sister Boniface was even forcefully escorted to the “black radio station,” KAPE radio, to publicly announce, “There would be no revolutionary classes held at Healy Murphy.” This was done with the cooperation of the program manager, Franklin Collins, who was later identified by his wife as an FBI informant.



See below, an excerpt from an 'anonymous' letter sent to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., during cointelpro - 




When asked if the FBI had threatened Sister Boniface she responded, “Yes, but I would rather not be involved, they can cut the funding for the school.” It was clear the FBI was conducting an orchestrated campaign of lies and intimidation. They visited the home of the program director of KAPE radio, and offered their cooperation; Mr. Collins assignment was to strike up a relationship whereby he would tell the FBI about certain conversations.  A supporter of SNCC overheard some of the FBI conversation through a crack in the door with KAPE management.

Records obtained under the Freedom of Information Act reveal that the local FBI had an extensive surveillance system set up to monitor the activities of many local leaders, including Lillian Sutton Taylor, Reverend Claude Black, John Inman, John Stanford, and many other leaders and activists. In fact, the FBI was successful in using Paul Thompson, a columnist for the San Antonio Express News, by having him respond to fake letters which were concocted by the FBI for the purpose of “discrediting” local leadership.

According to a Washington D.C. Associated Press account, by Miller Bonner, which appeared on the front page in the San Antonio Express, dated December 7, 1977: “The San Antonio FBI office waged a clandestine was against dissidents during the late 1960s . . . FBI memos from the San Antonio office to the office of FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover outlined battle plans . . . . that included: Mailing anonymous letters requesting action against dissidents . . . . And on several occasions mailing anonymous letters to parents of dissidents after investigating the parents to determine if they were “respectable” and therefore subject to pressures . . . . Through a network of spies . . . . the agent . . .  J. Meyers Cole, sent regular reports to Washington asking for, and in most cases receiving permission to harass . . . .”  Paul Thompson would eventually acknowledge that the FBI used him, in an article by Jesse Henry (1978) in the San Antonio Community Journal Newspaper, by responding to letters that appeared to be from ordinary citizens.






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