SAISD Schools will slowly disappear as non-profits are given the green light to take over


Hello SAISD Parents,  


Well, here we go again. Texas has once again changed the policies when it comes to the non-profits taking over public schools. This past week Mike Morath, head of TEA, announced that non-profits will now have more control over the schools.  The most significant dilemma that we face as parents is that these non-profits are taking over our SAISD schools, but are they qualified to help our students? The most significant change is non-profits will now be able to change the schools curriculum and add on testing that they feel necessary. The STARR's, unfortunately, will still be a headache for our students and teachers. I know that some parents see this as a better opportunity, but in reality, it's more of a lab experiment to see what will work to help our failing schools.


The most important thing to remember is that as these non-profits take over, public education will slowly disappear.  I do agree that Texas does need the new system to help our schools and students, but is this the answer?  The bigger question is, will this take away our schools’ extra-curricular activities such as sports, band, and dance?


Parents take a moment and go back in time reminisce about how sports, band, and dance made school better for all of us. When we were in high school, we faced some issues as well. Yet we must remember that even after a long week of studying and practicing, it somehow balanced us out. It was as we enter our games that we could hear the pep squad and dance team, then it was the fantastic performances by our marching band that made us want to go to school.  How does this make you feel if these non-profits were to come and take away our children’s extra-curricular activities?  The same ones that kept us in school and motivated? When children become a part of their school, then it makes them feel better about themselves, especially after facing the standardized testing in Texas.



Parent's it's our job to protect our children and to encourage them when they do any type of performance at school. It's time that we get the right answers about all these changes that our schools are facing because we have to be our childs voice to ensure they get a good education. It's time for SAISD to stop leaving our children behind while only being fed the leftovers of a promise that was made five years ago.  When a person makes a promise, they should be held accountable to fulfill that promise. I have taken the time to make a list of some current issues that our Eastside Schools are dealing with at this time. Parent's never forget that you must be the voice for your children- so ask questions.


1.    Why is the Sam Houston Freshman Campus staying open next year and refusing to            allow students that aren't in the coding program to come to the Main Campus?


2.    What will happen to all of the programs if we have no new freshmen coming to fill              the desk?


3.    When will SAISD find a long-term solution for children that are having behavioral              issues on their home campus?


4.    Why aren't parents that have 504 or Special Ed children getting the help that they              need with their everyday learning?


5.    When will our schools get all the support they need to be a blue-ribbon school?


6.    What changes will happen when Mims Institute gets involved with Sam Houston in          2021?


If you have any other issues that you're dealing with at your school, please email me at



Have a Blessed Week,


Lena Lopez 


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