An old Chinese proverb states “An inch of time is an inch of gold, but you can’t buy that inch of time with an inch of gold.” Time is fleeting and no matter how much you may want more of it, sometimes it is not up to us. I begin this commentary with “Time” in mind because time is not infinite, you must take full advantage of your time if you plan to make a difference.


I began my journey as your Alamo Colleges District 2 representative seven short months ago and now stand at my final 50 days under this term. In seven weeks, my community will decide to keep me in office for two more years or send me packing. I have used my nearly ten years of experience as a Board member for Judson ISD to quickly jump into my new responsibilities. I have visited with many community leaders and citizens throughout district 2.

Pictured above at the MLK March 2020


A reporter asked me recently, “What have you accomplished during your term?” If I could be candid, I did not have a scripted response. My mind raced with thoughts but finding a list of accomplishments in my mind to promote seemed a bit pressed. Accomplishments are usually something you have completed. I have not been here long enough for my vision and objectives to be realized.


As I prepared to answer the question, I reexamined my priorities, gathered my thoughts, and responded to the reporter stating “Our office has launched several initiatives and these efforts are building momentum. If given more time, I will make myself accountable to seeing these efforts through.”

Priorities are as listed.


Creating Stronger Support Programing for First-time in College Students:


With the Alamo Promise, district projections indicate that we will have nearly 4,000 new students, many of which will enter college as the first in their family. As a result, support programs must be ready to address student needs. Offering top notch advising, individualized tutoring, personal and leadership development programs, as well as mentorship partnerships are all critical in surpassing all student success indicators. I am working diligently to ensure we develop and implement the appropriate support systems and measures for students in D2.


Establish an African American Studies Program:


As a Historically Black College and University (HBCU), an African American studies program is essential to student success. I have learned that there have been individuals championing this cause, but the program still does not formally exist.  I am working with Administration and plan to see this through.


Inclusion and Diversity:  


I believe that we must always be working towards inclusion and diversity. Our business partners and our employees must reflect our community. Creating policies and structures to ensure we are leading the way in this area has been an additional focus for my office.


I place a high value on accessibility.  If you and I are not talking,  I am not doing my job. Never hesitate to call me directly: 210.386.0075.






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