March 10, 2020

Alamo History—A Farce


According to Benjamin Lundy, a white abolitionist, that lived during the time of the Alamo, “Texas Independence was based on slavery, land theft, and cotton production –Hence, the Battle of the Alamo and San Jacinto was a basically a  “slave owner rebellion.” With March being a month where repeated fake history is the norm, the Alamo story is probably one of the greatest historical hoaxes ever told. New research reveals a basket full of myths and lies told about the Alamo that can easily be disproven.  


For example: the majority of the Alamo defenders were slave owners who came to Texas to create a slave state, the Battle of the Alamo lasted only about 20 to 30 minutes, most of the Alamo defenders ran out of the walls (approximately 120) leaving around sixty behind to die, the majority of the runners were killed by Santa Anna’s black Mexican lancers, the battle took place in the dark, Mexican casualties amount to only about 150, Jim Bowie, a major slave owner and a drunk was an enemy of Travis, there was never a line drawn in the sand, a black woman named Emily Morgan (Emily West was actually her real name) never had a sexual relation with Santa Anna, Santa Anna was easily defeated at San Jacinto as more of his experienced fighters were not at the scene, and much more. The whole of the Alamo is a white supremacist mythical story.  Prior to 1829 Mexico had a slave system. However, during the Deiz y Seiz celebrations, Afro- Mexican President Vicente Guerrero abolished slavery and the racial Casta System.


This sent shock waves through the white supremacist colonies because this was the main reason they came to Mexico; to promote and expand the institution of slavery. A Mexican historian said, “The rebellion in Texas was more due to the emancipation of the slaves in Mexico than to the fall of the federalist constitution of 1824.” Moses Austin had brought with him 400 black slaves into the original colony. After his death, Stephen F. Austin, his pro-slavery son, tried to convince Mexico to accept slavery, but Mexico made the argument that all children born of slaves are born free. Anglos sent Austin to Mexico and a scheme was hatched in which slave owners would abandon slavery in favor of an “indentured servant system.” Mexico soon discovered that this system was for 99 years and not seven. Santa Anna realized he had been hoodwinked and was ready for war.


Anglos were given an appeal by Sam Houston to come to Texas and gain wealth very swiftly with slavery. Members of the lower classes flooded into Mexico from Tennessee and other slave holding states. All volunteers were promised 640 acres of free land. Crockett thought this was a way to join the upper class of “gentlemen” slave plantation owners and to escape debt. Stephen F. Austin was also without money and saw a way to get rich with slave smuggling. Jim Bowie, desperate man but his father owned a large slave auction block and bought slaves illegally into Texas having purchased them from pirates.


All of the lies we have been taught are still being bandied about by people whose brains have been scrubbed with hogwash. One of the most recent finds has been records that reveal that the so-called commander of the Alamo actually committed suicide and did not die in some “Spartan” manner. Last but not least, the ridiculous John Wayne movie that was supposedly about the battle was little more than a cartoon made to spread the myths created by slave owner white supremacists.



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