Wow! There is so much going on and it can be scary or overwhelming. Now is not the time for panic or mass hysteria. It is time for vigilant diligence. We as a people have survived much worse.


Today, we have technology to help us. You can work remotely. Meetings can be held remotely via telephone, Google Hangout, FaceTime etc. You can bank online; get cooked food delivered to your doorsteps; receive household goods and groceries at your door in a matter of hours and the list goes on...


Even with today’s technology, our survival depends on OLD SCHOOL ways. They say there are lines at the grocery stores and only so many people can shop. I also hear there is a purchase limit on certain items. Retail stores are closed or closing; school is not in session; major gatherings are postponed; arts and cultural outings are cancelled or postponed. Even Fiesta is postponed!


What is not cancelled is our common sense and common courtesy. Grandmother and “them” taught us how to wash our hands, how not to eat behind people, cover our mouth when you yawn, sneeze or cough, and to give people their space. That sounds exactly what the Center for Disease Control is telling us to do.


Old school does not stop there. We should already know our neighbors. Please go check on them. Consider the seniors. If you have not seen them for a couple of days, call or stop by. That single parent that lives down the street with those “kids”? Those “kids” are out of school another week with perhaps nothing to do, no one to watch them and not enough food. Offer a helping hand. Let the parent know the school district is still providing breakfast and lunch. (Check the school’s website for more information.). Pull out those board games, dust off the dominoes, break out the playing cards, grab a book from your bookshelf and help keep the children occupied.


Now is the time for us to embrace our calling of creativity and indulge in our heritage of help. Be brave. Share your toilet paper, hand sanitizer and bleach, if needed. You know you have extra stashed away! Look in your freezer or pantry. See if there is something you can part with or something you can do to help someone during this time of seemed peril. In the words of Hezekiah Walker:


“I need you, you need me.

We're all a part of God's body.

Stand with me, agree with me.

We're all a part of God's body.

It is his will, that every need be supplied.

You are important to me, I need you to survive.”




It is up to us. Don’t hide in the house. Look for someone to help. We need you!




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