March 17, 2020


Best selling author Terry McMillian is gearing up to release her new novel, It’s Not All Downhill From Here.


Known from her comedic dialogue and captivating characters, McMillian tackles the idea of age being nothing but a number. Her main protagonist Loretta finds herself on the eve of her sixtieth birthday still ready to have the time of her life. Second acts are recurring themes in McMillian’s works. In her 2011 novel Getting to Happy, she revisits the voices of Savannah, Bernadine, Robin, and Gloria, from her #1 New York Times bestseller Waiting to Exhale, years later in their fifties tackling family and dating issues. She invokes a matriarchal voice with Viola Price looking out for her family as well as herself in her 2000 novel A Day Late and A Dollar Short.


It seems that McMillian herself is going through something of a career resurgence, having not released a project since 2016’s I Almost Forgot About You. The 68-year-old Michigan native has given readers some of the best moments in fiction with her tales of strong, smart, and sensitive women of color. A craft she does not take lightly. In her interview with Read It Forward, McMillian writes, “I take what I do very seriously, and I’m not going to let some critic put a label on my work.”


Ever since she hit the bookshelves thirty-three years ago, McMillian has carved her own lane in fiction. She herself has even alluded that though the literary landscape has had many changes, one thing remains- the will to tell a compelling story.


McMillan’s influence on writers is very palpable. Writer Mikki Kendall  in her 2020 “Publishers Weekly” article, Terry McMillian, Thwarter of Book Biz Gatekeepers, Has a New Novel,  that “while McMillian has maintained a loyal fan base, she’s also paved the way for a whole generation of writers…at a time when black characters in fiction were likely to either be suffering or be painted as tropes, McMillian’s characters were refreshingly focused on their own goals and happiness. For the writers who have come after her in genres ranging from science fiction to romance, McMillian helped create a literary tradition that demands respect for writers of color and their characters.”


Her new novel, It’s Not All Downhill From Here,  is available for pre-order and will be released by Ballantine Books March 31st 2020.



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