Hello SAISD Parents,


I know that we're all overwhelmed and stressed as the nation is faced with this outbreak of the Covid-19 virus. It’s taken a toll on all of us as we have had to make changes to our schedules so that we can stay home with our children 24/7. Now we're faced with homeschooling our children as well. These changes have also had a profound effect on all of us to include our teachers, staff, and administrators. So, take a deep breath and let's work together to find ways to help our children. The first thing you need to do is contact your school and find out if they're offering a tablet or chrome notebook so that children can do the work online. Next, contact teachers through their emails if you have any questions about your child's work. Then I will be giving a couple of different online resources that are offering help to all students for free during this crisis. I, too, understand that many of our SAISD children will miss out on Proms, Graduation, and Fiesta, so if anyone needs emotional support, please know that you can email your school counselors. Then as you become your child’s new teacher, make sure all work is getting done and turned in on time. I would also like to remind you that our SAISD teachers are working diligently to find a way to become an online teacher which is not an easy task.

If any of my parents, have a senior who has only passed 2 out of the 5 EOC’S, you can request an Individual Grade Committee or IGC meeting based on SB213. Our Governor is going to allow seniors to graduate this year due to this epidemic even if they haven’t passed all 5 tests. Next if any parents are having an ARD meeting, please know that this will be over the phone or through a video chat system. I encourage all of you to make contact with your child’s school to see which online systems or programs they will be using at this time. Then most of our schools will be starting online on March 30TH but there are few that might start this week. So, check your emails and have your child check theirs as well.

Parents, just as we have to wash our hands, wipe down surfaces, and practice social distancing, we too need to stay home as well. As the world right now is a chaotic mess, please be safe and take care of your family, and let’s be patient with our teachers because remember we're all in this together.

If anyone has a question or has information that might help our children, please email me at

Have a safe and Blessed Week, Lena




Google classroom ( this is where you will find the online assignment’s)

Zoom has lifted the 40-minute meeting limit on its free basic accounts for K-12 and teamed up with Clever to make Zoom accessible to school districts. (some of SAISD are using this app)

Quizlet is offering nothing special; but as usual the company continues to make many services available free, including its classroom games and flashcard study guides.

Scholastic has made a "Learn at Home" digital hub available to support virtual learning plans that will remain open "indefinitely." "Learning journeys" are divided into four grade bands: pre-K-K, grades 1-2, grades 3-5 and grades 6-9-plus. Lessons cover English language arts, STEM, science, social studies and social-emotional learning. The program currently offers about three hours of programming per day, for up to four weeks of instruction.

San Antonio Public Library – OverDrive is online and can be downloaded at




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