March 24, 2020

No Country For Old Men



Change is an inevitable part of existence for leaders of organizations and nations.  It is a prevailing factor faced by leaders when adapting to a dynamic environment. Throughout the change process, adaptive leaders provide direction, protection, orientation, conflict control, and the shaping of norms while navigating the change process.  Authentic leaders have empathy for those whose lives and livelihoods are impacted by the change process.  He or she provides a calming influence, which assures the populace that different is not bad and helps them to adapt to the new normal.



The United States’ response to the current pandemic has been at best less than satisfactory.  Our federal government has always answered the call during turbulent times, providing a sense of unity and a calming influence that assures the country that our way of life will persevere.  While others around our President have attempted to quail his self-absorbed ranting, his mania persists.     Authentic leaders do not wear their emotions on their sleeve, putting them on display for the world to witness.  At a time when the leader of the free world’s intentions should be outwardly focused and rooted in the need to help others, he remains disingenuous and inwardly focused.  The result is a partisan tug of war where each side will only settle for all or nothing.  These fallacies will get darker as our current crisis persists.   The destruction from such delusional beliefs and behaviors may not reveal itself for years. By that time, our economy may have eroded, technology complications may have worsened, products and services may be underperforming, and confidence in our government may have plummeted.


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Maybe this is part of a natural progression.  Part of the life cycle of the greatest society in the history of the world.  Maybe the out take will be a future that our forefathers envisioned.   As a country we have gotten what we asked for: people who feel disenfranchised commonly misinterpret displays of confidence as a sign of competence. America was fooled!  The country needs a reality check.  At the end of this pandemic Americans will come to the realization that neither party as they are currently organized are fit to lead our country.  People of all backgrounds are suffering, facing job loss and evictions.  Our only salvation will come at the polls.  Every American regardless of ideology must vote in the upcoming election.  Politicians are politicians first and leaders second.  If 175 million citizens participated in the upcoming elections change would be inevitable.


We need new leadership in the White House, House of Representatives, and Senate!  We need leaders who will lead without gamesmanship.  Leaders who will work on productive compromises that will move our nation forward.   Any elected official who blames a predecessor or colleague should be censured.  McIntosh wrote,


“for leaders to be effective they must consistently experience an intense, internal reinvention of themselves that impacts the very nature of their perspective of life."


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