“Neighbor helping Neighbor” Mega Food Distribution

March 31, 2020

If you See Something Say Something

San Antonio Food Bank Rises to Many

Unprecedented Challenges

The threat of municipalities being overcome with the COVID 19 disease has caused leaders of those entities to make tough decisions.  Many of those decisions have had economic consequences and all of them have caused individuals to change their way of life.  When incidents occur, those who live in underserved communities often fall further behind.    The plight of the underserved calls to mind the theme of a song by the rock group Genesis “Man on the Corner”.  The song’s lyrics tell the story of a person in need of help who is ignored by all on a daily basis because we are too embarrassed to lend a hand.  As the saying goes “But for the grace of God….”



Not so in San Antonio! A group of activists on the city’s eastside refused to remain idle.  They emailed the plight of their distressed neighbors to everyone and anyone that could be a possible resource.  Their diligence and persistence led to a call to action by the Mayor’s office, the San Antonio Food Bank and the Observer.  Their combined efforts not only led to additional food disbursements on the eastside from the already strapped food pantry, but also resulted in a “Neighbor Helping Neighbor” mega-food distribution on Tuesday, March 30th at the Alamodome.  Keep in mind that the San Antonio Food Bank has a 16-county service area and typically feeds more than 58,000 needy people on a weekly basis.  The COVID 19 pandemic has caused the requests for assistance from the food bank to double.  Despite being overworked, the San Antonio Food Bank employees were polite and understanding.   We like to learn something from every encounter.  The lesson here is if you see something say something.  The entire city owes a debt to those who raised their voices to help their neighbors.


Please consider donating to the San Antonio Food Bank.  You will sleep better knowing you helped someone during their time of need!  You may call the food bank at 210.337.FOOD.





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