Hello SAISD Parents,

 I know that during this pandemic crisis that we're all trying to juggle our home life, work, and now becoming a full-time teacher for our children which can be overwhelming. The hardest for some of us is trying to homeschool our children through the internet with online classes. So, today I would like to offer you some information about your how these online classes will work for our SAISD children.



The school bell has rung, and classes are in session as of today, March 30th, now let the adventure of learning begin for all of us. I understand that some of us aren't too familiar with online classes, but let's help one another. The first thing you need to know is that these laptops are only to be used for your child's classwork unless the teacher has given a specific link or code for a website or App for that class. Now, let's open these laptops and have your children log in to their Google Classroom so they can see any assignments or links that their teachers have sent. The one app I know SAISD will be using is called Zoom; this gives the teachers a chance to teach live, and your child must log in so that the teacher can take attendance. The Zoom app will be provided to your student through a link that will be in their Google Classroom. If anyone has questions or concerns, please email your teachers or school counselors so that you're able to get the right information. 

I know that trying to keep any child on a schedule is hard, but try to set aside a time that will allow them to check into their classes along with completing all their work. If you can get them to start early and take breaks in between that will help them from becoming overwhelmed.



For high school parents, you must go over your child's class schedule because high school students have A, B, and C days, so please check to make sure that your child is checking into their online classes.

Let me quickly give parents that have children with disabilities some information about upcoming ARD meetings.  Please know that some schools will use the app Zoom or a telephone conference. By now, someone from your child's school should have contacted you to give the information on what App or when they will be calling you for your ARD meeting. All of this information should be available to you by your SAISD school.

Parents, I understand that this is a scary time for all of us, but if we work together, we can get through this crisis. I, too, know that many of my graduating seniors are upset or saddened that after all their hard work that they will not be able to walk the stage. So, if your seniors have their cap and gowns, put them on and take a photo and celebrate your victory but with only those that are in your household. We must find moments to cheer on our SAISD children as they take on this new adventure as well.  Send us the photos to publish at my email below.

Lastly, let me give a big shout out to all the teachers, staff, and principals that are helping us get through this Coronavirus Crisis. It's not easy to go from being in a classroom every day to becoming an online teacher; it takes a lot more work and time. 
Parents, please remember that all of us are facing the same issues as we all are quarantined inside our homes, so try to create a relaxing atmosphere for yourselves and especially our children.

If anyone has any questions please email me at lena.lopez@saobserver.com.

Have a Safe and Blessed Week,





Online Classes Information From SAISD  


Virtual classrooms across the District will launch Monday, March 30. Teachers will once again connect with their students – even if it is remotely – and that bond is so important to a child’s learning.

SAISD has updated its Digital Learning Playground to include weekly messages for students and parents, a link where students can submit work in real time, virtual field trips, STEM challenges, a creativity corner, and physical movement. Grade-level lesson plans are being changed weekly.

What will you learn today? https://www.saisd.net/2020

To access, register for a mySAISD account - just call our Help Desk at (210) 244-2929 to retrieve your mySAISD key.


Then register for mySAISD here: https://apps.saisd.net/iDataPortals/mySAISD.aspx


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