Is Justice Determined by Race?

Does Justice have a color, and if so is it black or white?


Is it light as the day or maybe even dark as night?


I don’t know if either of these statements is true, for it all depends on how it’s viewed by me and you.


It is an individual’s perspective as to what one believes, for it is solely based on what an individual perceives.


Justice should never be based on someone's ethnicity, color, or race and definitely not the actual color of someone’s face.


What if a black and white person cut themselves and bled. 

Wouldn’t the color of their blood both be red?


“Racism refers to attitudes, beliefs, or behaviors that favor one group over another.”   But God sees us all as sisters and brothers.


Does it hold true to say, “if you’re white you’re all right, or if you’re black stay back?"  Neither of these statements is true and that’s a fact.


The color of one’s skin shouldn’t be a factor used to determine or presume someone's worth especially when it causes others to hurt.


Who says white groups of European origin should be placed at the top of racial hierarchy, or all people of a dark shade are the minority?


We need to understand the majority or the minority is not determined by a political party.


God created us all equal for only He is Superior and never for blacks to be segregated from whites and treated as inferior.


If segregation was meant to be, then blacks wouldn’t have been set free.


Prejudice and discrimination had no part in God’s plan, for he expects equality to be given to every man. 


Do you see where I’m coming from? 

Justice should be the fair treatment of everyone.


Eliminate racism, discrimination, prejudice, and segregation because we all deserve to be treated fairly as a part of God’s creation.



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