'Stay 6 Feet Away Please'

Coronavirus Disease Alert

Poetry by Melinda Woods-Smallwood



Coronavirus (COVID-19) is an infectious disease transmitted by something as simple as a handshake, cough or sneeze.

This pandemic has claimed a million cases worldwide of people who’ve become seriously infected or died.

It’s a serious condition that’s contagiously transported through physical transmission.

COVID-19 is being broadcasted all over the news along with safety prevention measures you can use.


Social and physical distancing helps to slow down the spread of this highly contagious disease, so it’s important for you to maintain 6 feet away from others in public please.

The virus is known to spread from droplets or saliva that is as dangerous as a volcano’s hot molten lava.

One day you’re up and feeling fine, and the next day you’re in a hospital bed confined.

Before you know it, you’re lying on your back hooked up to a ventilator because your body is being attacked.

It’s an invisible airborne virus that causes flu-like symptoms which can debilitate you, so taking proper care of yourself is what you need to do.


The virus spreads through droplets going airborne when an infected person coughs or sneeze, so it’ll be to your advantage to wear a face mask to protect yourself and put your mind at ease.


There is an incubation period of fourteen days before the respiratory illness takes effect along with some advised preventive measures you shouldn’t neglect.

It’s known to lie dormant on anything you pick up or surface you touch, so please immediately wash your hands. Thank you very much!

When handling objects avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth then wash your hands immediately or quick, because this is how the germs can enter the body and make you sick. 


If you are experiencing symptoms such as a headache, fever, cough difficulty breathing, a cold that feel as if you have pneumonia or the flu, seek medical attention before it severely infects you.

It’s a deadly virus that swiftly spreads and without testing or medical attention you may end up dead.
Be alert for symptoms.  It may require you to self-quarantine and if by chance they get worse, a doctor needs to be seen.

Isolation may require you to be alone, so if you are feeling sick don’t go to work stay at home.

This way if you’re infected, you would’ve already taken the necessary precautions for others to be protected.

Many lives have been affected by this contagious disease, so if you don’t have to go out stay at home please.


It’s very sad to know that others had to go dying in the hospital all alone while their loved ones waited anxiously for them to recover and come home.

We can all do our part by following the directions of the Center for Disease Control and health authority to assist in protecting and saving one another by making this a top priority.


At present, there is no vaccination to stop this disease acceleration.


Patients are able to recover with supportive care if they’re hospitalized immediately with no time to spare.

Finally, let’s all join together to pray this horrible disease would quickly go away.




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