Glaring Health Disparities coming to light during COVID-19


Monday, April 13th the city of San Antonio released the following COVID-19 statistics. Out of 711 confirmed cases, 91 or 12.8% are African Americans (7% of the total population). With 33 deaths, 10 are African Americans at 30.3% of total cases.


This says a whole lot about us! Most things we already know.  Our historic socio-economic conditions have caused generational health issues including diabetes, hypertension and asthma. Those underlying health conditions increase our risk of COVID-19 complications. Our exposure to stress, increasing hypertension, is higher due to crime, unemployment, substandard housing conditions, adverse work conditions, financial challenges and the lack of reliable transportation.  The disinterest of environmental impact is a precursor to increased pollution directly relating to asthma. We know this! We live this but it continues to be an issue.


We live in food deserts. A food desert is defined by the distance to a large grocery store, the availability of fresh produce and organic foods at the grocery store and pricing that fits the economic landscape of the served community. Without adequate nutrition, our health is severely compromised. 


Now let’s add the not so obvious.  Are we taking care of our immune system? Are we making sure mama and ‘em are getting fresh foods? Are we exercising regularly? Let’s go one step further.  Have you insured there are good long term care solutions for you and your family? Half of the deaths in San Antonio associated with COVID-19 are from a government supported long term care facility. 


We need to comply with the Stay at Home orders and social distancing norms.  Going to your hair care provider’s home or having your hair care provider come to you DOES NOT COMPLY!!  Stopping in to see Big Mama DOES NOT COMPLY! You are putting them at risk, you at risk and your household at risk. Remember you may have the virus and not be symptomatic.  


Let’s do what is in our immediate control to stop the virus. Stay home. Wash your hands at least 20 seconds.  Disinfect the hard surfaces in your home frequently. Especially areas you touch often like light switches, door knobs, thermostats, remote controls and sink faucets.  Be smart, be safe and we will get through this together.



  1. Teach the seniors in your life to use a video connect feature on their phone or computer.

  2. Order groceries online.

  3. Remember to support your church and favorite charity.











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