The Price of Compassion

April 14, 2020

The Price of Compassion-

COVID-19 Nursing Home

Facilities Become Major

Concern to Community 


Compassion is invaluable, yet it costs nothing.  It is a trait that many claims to have mastered!  Only a select few can demonstrate it during times of crisis.


Yet, during a crisis is when compassion is most needed.  As officials debate the next steps in handling the coronavirus pandemic, many of us feel that we have lost control.  We are unsure of what our next steps should be and our inability to focus can create an anxious imperative to act.   During times of crisis aimless action can be like a sniper shooting purposelessly into a crowded marketplace.


Coronavirus has consumed our lives. From morning till night there is hour by hour coverage.   It would be unusual for us not to be affected by the daily briefings, no matter how aware we claim to be, there are a myriad of ways in which we each are being impacted.  Wide swings in emotions are common as are feelings of anxiety.  Many languish as we 'catastrophize' about future possibilities.  Such is the case with the news of how the virus has impacted residents of skilled nursing facilities.


In San Antonio nursing homes across the municipality have been smacked by the coronavirus, with at least 18 deaths linked to the pandemic.  There have been at least 160 confirmed cases. The two primary operators of skilled nursing facilities in San Antonio are Creative Solutions in Healthcare and Keystone Care, LLC.  These operators have selected two facilities that will be designated for COVID 19 patients, Westover Hills Rehabilitation and the River City Care Center.  River City Care and Southwest Nursing Rehabilitation which has recorded the most COVID 19 related deaths are in San Antonio City Council District 2.  Southwest is not affiliated with either Keystone or Creative Solutions, but it is under investigation because of the widespread outbreak among staff and residents.


Residents and community advocates in District 2, are speaking out, concerned about the pandemic spreading throughout the traditionally underserved community.  Their concern comes as a result of the facilities’ proximity to a population that has already been identified as an overrepresented target of the disease.  This is where the rationality of one’s emotions becomes very important.  During a crisis it becomes vitally important that thought leaders act and behave rationally.  Misinformation and partial truths can lead to mob mentality which can further overwhelm first responders.  The eyes of the nation are watching how San Antonians react to those unfortunate elderly nursing home residents.  History has not been kind to those considered socially unacceptable.  


In 2010 when residents learned that a former convent would be repurposed as a residential reentry and outpatient facility serving the formerly incarcerated, some were outraged.  Crime did not spread as a result of the reentry facility. The coronavirus will have a heck of a time spreading as a result of the COVID 19 nursing facilities.  All COVID 19 facilities are under extreme guidelines and caution, for themselves, their patients, their families, and their community. 


During times of crisis we must control our emotions, or you will find yourself in need of compassion but unable to afford it.




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