April 14, 2020

Texas Workforce Commission Executive Director, Ed Serna, conducted a Facebook livestream last Wednesday and stated that they have been inundated with phone calls.  This is, obviously, the virus also at work as it has shut down life and taken hundreds of thousands of jobs from working Americans.  The stay at home orders that have been issued throughout the nation has made it a deal-breaker for being employed when you cannot perform your job at home such as the service industry, restaurant personnel, etc.  



From a normal day of fielding about 13,000 calls in reference to unemployment claims that daily number is now over 100,000.  "I assure you we will help everyone that needs help" Serna stated.  He explained, "I know it is hard to hear this, but I ask you to have a little bit of patience with us."  Yes, that is hard to hear as bills keep rolling in.  Although, this is the time for severe patience as no one organization can handle the influx of services needed all at once.  One thing to remember is that Mayor Nirenberg has explained to the SA Observer that he will not allow evictions or utility disconnections during this pandemic.  

To help move the process along faster, Gov. Abbott has waived the 10-day waiting period tied to unemployment benefits that was in place previously.  Have you, a family member, or someone you know lost their job due to the pandemic?  If so you deserve relief and immediate assistance.  This is a difficult time for everyone.  It may take time to process your unemployment claim but rest assured City Officials have vowed to not allow evictions, SAWS disconnections and CPS disconnection amongst many other relief efforts. 


Take the steps below for unemployment benefits:

1.  Call the Workforce Solutions Alamo at 210.224.HELP.  Workforce solutions is equipped to provide the services you need.  

Contact an office near you: Walzem 210.822.7640; Marbach 210.436.0670; E. Houston 210.581.0190; S. Flores 210.928.3985; Datapoint 210.438.0581or you may visit their website at  The Workforce Solutions Alamo Organization is open all weekdays 8-6pm and includes Saturdays from 8-5pm. 

HOT QUESTION: I owe money from previous unemployment benefits I have received, do I still qualify?  YES!  Any balance you owe on your unemployment benefits insurance would typically be deducted from future benefits but Serna stated, "the commission is deferring any collections until the pandemic is over." 





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