COVID-19 Status update- SAISD Graduations and Teacher Heroes


Hello SAISD Parents,


As we get closer to wrapping up this school year, please don't forget to register your children to include those that are returning students; this can be done through the SAISD website. I have some good news for parents with seniors.  SAISD has arranged a ceremony for all their schools. I want to stress that these dates are subject to change as they get updates on the COVID-19 virus. So, let's pray that these dates will remain in place because all of our seniors have worked hard so that they could walk the stage.


I know that most of us have been going through so much stress being away from our daily routine, but as the city lifts the "shelter in place order," please remember that we still need to practice social distancing and wear a mask. Parents, it's sad to say that at this time our governments don't have a precise date when we will be through with this pandemic.


Lastly, the saddest part of all this is during this time our teachers and students are missing being in their classrooms. When I am watching TV, it seems that everyone is always giving praise to our doctors, nurses, and our other first responders, which is excellent. Yet, it makes me wonder, did anyone ever think about the teachers that taught these first responders. If we stop and think about it, their first responder was a teacher that motivated them to be the great people they are today. So, let's take a moment and send out emails to your child's teachers and thank them for helping our children become better students. After all every first responder was taught by a great teacher.


As I end this week, let me give a big round of applause to our top 10 Sam Houston seniors for a job well done. I would also like to say that parents, no matter the obstacles, please remain strong and keep moving forward with all of your children's education. Remember we’re all in this together, so be safe, kind, and remember to use a mask.


Parents if you need to ask a question or need help with anything, please email me at



Have a Blessed Week,



Lena Lopez





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